1000 litre cubitainers for Indian printers

One more first from TechNova
Introduction of 1000 litre cubitainers for the Indian printers

TechNova has introduced a superior 1000 litre container. This is a cost effective customised packing option for fount solutions and press washes to its bulk users. The container has been indigenously developed, and is expected to be a boon to bulk users of pressroom products in India. Since it can be recycled and reused.

The ergonomically designed 1000 litre containers are suitable for use with fount solutions and washes. This packing has been introduced on an experimental basis with select customers. After considering all the practical aspects of logistics and recycling, the concept will be extended to more customers.

The modern, aesthetically designed container is chosen with care to address ease of handling, storage and efficiency for long and short distance vehicle transport.

Kuruvilla Abraham, Business Unit Leader - Chemicals, states, "The 1000 litre container is expected to help the customers. Bulk users of homogenous products such as founts and washes can recycle the container, multiple times to marginalise the cost of packing."

Kuruvilla also believes that for effective use of such packing, customers will have to be equipped with right material handling and dispensing arrangements to ensure optimal use. He adds, "The 1000L container is much more expensive than the normal 200L or 25L packing, if it were to be considered for one time use. Therefore the utility of such bulk packs apply in situations where the cost of to and fro transportation is not prohibitive and damage-free handling is feasible. The utility and success of this packing is only when it achieves costs lesser than the cost of normal packing."

Besides innovative packaging solutions, the TechNova team also offers full technical back-up. The technicians can assist with : on-site or off-site water testing; advice on choice of most suitable fount additive; advise on alcohol reduction or replacement; machine set-up; fount related problems and so on. TechNova offers a range of press washes and customised fountain solutions for bulk users incorporating the best in quality raw materials.

These fountain solutions are designed to achieve optimum ink-water settings, minimum start-up paper wastage and the lowest rate of piling. The products also address other common problem areas by incorporating the right selection of anti-foaming agents, environmentally safe biocides and corrosion inhibitors. Right packaging and storage conditions are essential to maintain the performance efficiency of the products through its life. Which is why, solidity and safety are considered high priority, while choosing the packing. Not just that. The packing must combine low maintenance requirements and robustness to withstand the rigours of multiple handling and transportation.

Yet another initiative from TechNova which will ensure pressroom productivity, excellence and efficiency.

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