Argos plates : High performance & tough

Argos... announces its arrival at drupa
Trustworthy, tough and high-performance

Drupa 2004 witnessed the introduction of TechNova's Argos, the long run, negative-working plate which serves as a conventional PS as well as a CtCP digital plate. It is the world's fastest plate in its class with unbeatable price-performance promise.

It is manufactured in technical collaboration with Agfa on TechNova's new, state-of-the-art, fully integrated & automated plate production line. It is a replica of Agfa's N555, the world's most popular negative working plate. Argos is manufactured using the world's best lithograde aluminium substrate and Agfa's innovative & patented electro chemical graining, anodising and coating technologies.

Mr. Mahesh Kadaba, Sales Manager for Newspaper Plates, points out that with its superior sensitivity, Argos is the ideal Newspaper plate. He highlights that Argos has a lower dot gain, hi-fidelity dot resolution of 2%-98% using 150 lpi screen, capable of press run in excess of 200,000 impressions and instant start up property on the press.

Conclusion :

TechNova has once again achieved a milestone by fulfilling a long felt need for a world-class negative working plate for hi-end, hi-speed Newspaper printing. Argos has been intensively field tested at the top Newspapers in India and has already become the new industry standard replacing other imported and Indian brands.

Our HelpDesk will be pleased to provide you with names of Argos users should you wish to refer to them.

About TechNova :

TechNova is a market leader in India, with over 70% market share in each of its product category.

Along with Agfa, TechNova is the only company in the world manufacturing the full range of CtP consumables viz. inkjet photo-papers for CtPhoto; inkjet proofing paper for CtProof; Thermal, Violet & UV metal plates for CtPlate; inkjet & laser polyester plates for CtPoly; and large-format & desktop inkjet and laser media for CtPrint.

TechNova has commissioned its new fully integrated, fully automated, high-speed CtP Thermal plate production plant in technical collaboration with Agfa. TechNova's plate manufacturing capacity is now the 5th largest in the world.

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