TechNova at PrintPack India 2005 [Press Release]

TechNova @ PrintPack India 2005, New Delhi
TechNova, one of the world's largest manufacturers of digital & analog offset plates, chemicals, inkjet, laser and drafting media, will be showcasing an array of innovative CtP solutions and next generation high-performance, chemicals at PrintPack India 2005 (Hall 10, Stand 1), being held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from January 18 to January 23, 2005.

Hot New Products

PolyJet Plate   :   World's first large-format Inkjet, NoProcess, Computer-to-Plate-to-Press System.
Thermostar TN Plate   :   World's fastest long-run CtP Thermal Plate (Commercial & Newspaper), made in technical collaboration with Agfa.
N91v Plate   :   Agfa's state-of-the-art Violet CtP Photopolymer plate, ideal for Newspapers.
Argos Plate   :   World's fastest Negative-working PS & Digital Plate (CtCP).
NovaDom Platinum Plate   :   Best-in-Class version of NovaDom, world's best selling Laser Polyester Plate.
TotalRespect Fount   :   Best-in-Class, Alcohol-free, CtP compatible, FOGRA approved Fount for high-speed Sheetfed & Heatset Web Offset.
Crown Jewel Fount   :   Best-in-Class, corrosion-inhibited, CtP compatible Fount for high-speed Coldset & Heatset Web Offset. (FOGRA approval expected shortly).
PressCare Chemistry   :   Complete range of high performance, easy-to-use products for Roller, Blanket & System Care.
UV Washes   :   Complete range of washes for offset, Flexo and Screen UV applications, made in technical collaboration with Arets Graphics, Belgium.
PosiJet Film   :   Digital Silverless Process-free Large-format Inkjet CtPositive Film.
NovaSharp Diamond Film   :   Digital Silverless Process-free Laser CtPositive Film.
NovaJet Proofing & Photo Papers   :   India's favourite Inkjet Photo Papers for Digital Proofing & professional quality Digital Camera Prints.

TechNova Profile

TechNova's product portfolio includes a full range of consumables for conventional and digital imaging systems for advertising, photography, medical imaging, signage, printing and packaging as well as textiles, engineering, architecture, geology and business graphics. Its overseas offices and distribution network market products to over 51 countries. TechNova is now recognised as :

World's fifth largest manufacturer of Digital & Analog Plates.
World's first and largest manufacturer of Laser Polyester Plates.
World's first and only manufacturer of Inkjet Polyester Plate.
World's fifth largest manufacturer of Printing Chemicals.
World's widest portfolio of Inkjet & Laser Media.

In addition, TechNova has also received global recognition through the following awards :

GATF InterTech '95 Award.
World Economic Forum Awards (Davos).

TechNova Stand : (Hall 10, Stand 1)

TechNova's minimalist, yet highly impressive, Stand at PrintPack 2005 (Hall 10, Stand 1) will be like a virtual CtP display gallery for a number of cutting-edge products for Computer-to-Plate, Computer-to-Positive, Computer-to-Photo, Computer-to-Proof and Computer-to-Print technologies. Next generation chemistry, with special focus on "Made-for-Each Other" Plates & Founts; PressCare Products; and UV & European-standard Press Washes will also occupy a place of prominence at the Stand.

TechNova PrintShop : (Hall 9, Stands 7 & 8)

Apart from its main Stand, TechNova will also run a live PrintShop in Hall 9, Stands 7 & 8, where TechNova's CtP solutions for small offset will be in use on all six days of PrintPack. A mini version of the Print Factory concept at PrintCity, Drupa'04, TechNova's PrintShop will give visitors a complete overview of the CtP workflow in a small offset environment. The PrintShop will also feature highly educative interactive presentations on various printing technologies.

You will also be able to witness TechNova plates and chemicals in use at a number of printing machinery manufacturers' Stands at PrintPack.

"Must see 'em"

Listed below are the "Must see 'em" products at TechNova's Stand at PrintPack.

"PolyJet" : World's first large-format Inkjet, NoProcess, Computer-to-Plate-to-Press System.

A not-to-be-missed technological break-through at PrintPack India 2005 will be TechNova's PolyJet CtPolyester plate, yet another first-in-the-world innovation from TechNova. (TechNova's earlier innovation, NovaDom Laser Polyester Plate won the GATF InterTech Award in 1995). PolyJet, is a no-process polyester offset plate that can be imaged on a standard inkjet printer and taken directly to the press for printing medium-run four-colour work, without any processing, in any format.

Four-colour jobs can be imaged on the plate using a wide format piezo inkjet printer. Imaged plates go directly to the press without any chemical processing. PolyJet plate would be ideally suited for the two and four page format presses for low-cost, two & four-colour short-run jobs of 10,000 to 20,000 impressions.

Unique features are :

High-resolution capability of plate surface allows stochastic screening for excellent tonal gradation and details.
Flawless solid and reverse text reproduction.
Dot gain conforming to industry standards.
Excellent ink/water balance characteristics ensure brilliant prints, matching those of metal presensitised plates.
Totally dry Computer-to-Plate-to-Press process. No Imagesetter. No Platesetter. No Processor. No Chemistry. No Fuss.
Lowest cost CtP system in the world, available with the state-of-the-art PolyRIP, a user-friendly versatile software, custom-designed for various applications.

Thermostar TN : World's fastest long-run CtP Thermal Plate (Commercial & Newspaper)

One of the biggest pre-PrintPack developments has been the whole-hearted endorsement of TechNova's Thermal Plate by all the CtP pioneers in India, and its compatibility with all brands of platesetters.

Another path-breaker has been the successful trials of Thermostar TN at leading newspapers in actual production environment; proving the cost-effectiveness and suitability of Thermostar TN for those newspapers who don't need more than 30 plates per hour.

Thermostar TN, has been developed and patented by Agfa, and manufactured at TechNova's state-of-the-art plant in India.

Thermostar TN is sensitised to 830 nm and is based on an innovative coating technology, offering fast imaging and convenient handling. It is ideal for stochastic or FM screening. Thermostar TN has been designed for high-end applications in all segments of the industry, and can achieve run-lengths up to 150,000 impressions (which can be extended up to one million impressions with baking). Dot resolution capability is 1% to 99% using 250 lpi screen ruling.

TechNova's Thermostar TN plates have been in use in almost all the CtP print shops in India for the past year and the feedback has been very positive. Customer testimonials will be on display at the Stand, along with printed specimens & process plate.

N91v Plate : Agfa's state-of-the-art Violet CtP Photopolymer plate, ideal for Newspapers

N91v is the Violet sensitive version of the proven N91 (green sensitive) plate, which is the worlds best selling photopolymer plate. N91v was launched at Drupa 2004, and has already captured major share in the world market. These plates will be made available in India through TechNova.

Argos : World's fastest Negative-working PS & Digital Plate (CtCP)

PrintPack India 2005, will witness the formal Indian introduction of TechNova's Argos CtCP plate, a long-run, negative-working plate. (Argos was launched internationally at Drupa'04.) Argos is a step forward in an attempt to enhance the finer results of conventional plates. It has a very short exposure time and a litho-grade electromechanically grained and anodised substrate, which permits productive imaging of the plate. Argos is similar in performance to to Agfa's Zenith N555, the world's most popular negative-working plate. Argos' improved sensitiveness makes it ideal for the newspaper segment. Several leading newspapers have already switched from imported negative plate to Argos during the field-testing period of the last one year.

Argos is on the approved list of plates of basysPrint, leaders in UV plate setters.

NovaDom Platinum Plate : Best-in-Class version of NovaDom, world's best selling Laser Polyester Plate

Live demos of NovaDom Laser Plates, the GATF InterTech Award Winner, will be worth witnessing at the TechNova PrintShop. NovaDom plates can be imaged on both sides using the HP 5100 series or Xante laser printers, and taken directly to the press for printing.

Special features are :

HP approval for corrosion-free performance; safeguards the laser printers.
Run-length capability of approx. 50,000 copies from one side and 10,000 copies from the other side of the plate, or 20,000 copies from both sides of the plate, under recommended imaging and press conditions.
Zero toner scatter in the background areas, when imaged on HP, Xante or other recommended laser printers and copiers.
Excellent roll-up properties minimise start-up & restart paper wastage.

NovaDom has revolutionised the small offset plate scenario since 1995, especially in the US, and is currently the global leader in laser polyester plates. NovaDom has enhanced the competitiveness of small offset printers by providing them with long-run plates at a fraction of the cost of a conventional or CtP metal plate.

Next Generation, High-Performance, Chemistry

TechNova, in keeping with the global trend for the high-end printers to insist on using high-performance products, will be launching an array of next generation fountain solutions, press washes & press care products for high-speed sheetfed and web offset applications. TechNova has technical collaboration with Hydro Dynamic Products, U.K., Agfa and Arets Graphics, Belgium. TechNova, therefore, has easy and instant access to the technology to manufacture the latest products that are the current rage in Europe. The products have been under field-testing for the past several months in India, and have met with amazing customer response.

TotalRespect Fount

Best-in-Class, CtP compatible Fount for high-speed Sheetfed & Heatset Web Offset.

Gives complete calcium control at all levels of water hardness and all paper and ink types.
Alcohol-free : Alcohol is totally eliminated. When used with TechNova's additive "AlcoZAP".
Alcohol reduction : Reduction of Isopropanol/IPA usage by 50% when used without "AlcoZAP".
Safe on all metal plates and is free from harmful components.
The ultra low-foam formulation is suitable for all water types whether RO, soft, hard or deionised.
Special ingredients prevent build-up of impurities and films, previously hard to control in tanks and pipework.
FOGRA approved.

Crown Jewel Fount

Best-in-Class, corrosion-inhibited, CtP compatible Fount for high-speed Coldset & Heatset Web Offset.

Corrosion inhibited to FOGRA specifications.
Specially formulated for compatibility with spray and turbo dampening systems.
Runs at low water settings with wide latitude, making it easy to set up and adjust for optimum performance with coldset inks, varying quality of newsprint and dampening systems.
Water uptake by the ink is fast but controlled for lightening quick attainment of the perfect ink/water balance with excellent over-emulsification resistance.
Contains very high levels of anti-linting agents that effectively reduce mean times between blanket washes.
The ultra-low foam formulation removes problems associated with previous generations of strongly wetting fountain solutions.
FOGRA approval expected shortly.


A range of products designed for optimizing and maintaining the performance of blankets throughout their life on press. Resilience, sheet release, ink transfer and resolution, all deteriorate during use resulting in sub - optimal print quality and costly press down time. TechNova BlanketCare products are easy to use and their advanced formulations provide solutions to most blanket related problems.

Blanket Vitalizer : Advanced all in one cleaner, deglazer and rejuvenator. Replasticises and restores blanket to 'as new' condition.
Blanket Refresh : Powerful and yet safe wash and rejuvenator suitable for daily use. Keeps blanket surface in ideal condition and prevents build up of glaze.
Blanket Reviver : A safer alternative to Benzene.


The care and maintenance of rollers is of paramount importance. Many printers incur excessive costs by treating rollers with inappropriate solvents and abrasives. TechNova have developed a range of specialty roller care products that address all commonly encountered problems without damaging or shortening the lifespan of these expensive items.

Deepkleen Roller Shampoo : A wipe-on, rinse off roller treatment for colour changing, deep cleaning and rejuvenating inking rollers. Fast and effective in use, DeepKleen is an effective trouble shooter for glazed or contaminated rollers.
ColourKleen Paste : A solvent-free paste for safe, ultra fast, problem colour changes. Removes every last trace of pigment in one application.
LubeKleen : Designed for providing lubrication for idle units, LubeKleen also provides a gentle cleaning action . This dual purpose functionality means that roller maintenance may be carried out whilst the press is being productive.
Hydromarc : A powerful deglazer that is gentle on rollers, Hydromarc may also be used for colour changes.

Clean-air Washes : Aromatic-free press wash-up solutions

HMK washes comprehensively addresses the possibility of press corrosion. Approved by FOGRA for use on Heidelberg, MAN Roland and KBA presses equipped with automatic washing systems.
The absence of aromatic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons make these washes safer and more user-friendly.
With its high flash point, HMK Wash 1 is ideal for use on heat-set machines.

UV Washes

The newly introduced range of UV washes, manufactured in technical collaboration with Arets Graphics, include products for Offset, Flexo and Screen applications. The products cover a wide range of applications involving universal and automated washing.

PosiJet Film : Digital Silverless Process-free Large-format Inkjet CtPositive Film

Another "First" from TechNova is PosiJet, a clear (i.e. fully transparent) inkjet film, which can be imaged on Epson 7600 to serve as an offset positive or screen-printing positive. PosiJet film is designed to produce high-resolution four-colour plate-ready positives in 2, 4 and 8 page formats, with UV-density matching silver-based films. PosiJet offers the lowest cost computer-to-film solution, ideally suited for newspapers, book & magazine publishing, and several other applications currently using expensive silver-based films. All it needs is a recommended inkjet printer for outputting pages created on standard page-composition workstations. Features that would make PosiJet demos a "must-see" :

Fully transparent inkjet film. Looks & feels like a silver-based film.
Ideal for preparation of one piece positives for tabloid & broadsheet newspapers.
Single, spot & pleasing full colour reproduction capability.
Totally dry Computer-to-Film-to-Plate process. No Camera. No Darkroom. No Imagesetter. No Platesetter. No Processor. No Chemistry. No hassles.
Unbeatable value for money.

Live demonstrations at the PrintShop using customer-supplied files will be convincing.

NovaSharp Diamond Film : Digital Silverless Process-free Laser CtPositive Film

During the 90's, TechNova's NovaSharp range of laser films, (which can be imaged on laser printers to serve as plate-ready positives), enabled the newspapers to effect significant savings by substituting expensive silver-based camera and imagesetter films. NovaSharp Crystal, Pearl and Topaz Laser films have become industry favourites for single and spot colour work. NovaSharp Diamond, the new version, is designed for producing low-cost four-colour separations on high-resolution laser printers such as the HP 5100 series & Xante. The special feature of this product is the high UV-density of the image, which further facilitates substitution of silver-based films.

NovaJet Proofing & Photo Papers : Inkjet Photo Papers for Digital Proofing & Digital Camera Prints

Within a short span of time, TechNova has helped popularise the use of inkjet media for various Desktop and Large Format applications. Particularly noteworthy for the Graphic Arts industry are the Inkjet Proofing and Photographic papers. TechNova offers the widest and most exciting range of world-class Inkjet Papers, Films, Vinyls & Specialty media for Desktop and Large Format applications.

Prints on the award winning NovaJet TruePhoto Inkjet Photographic Paper of digital photographs, using popular inkjet desktop printers at the Stand, are indistinguishable from silver-based photo prints. For the Large Format media, on display will be prints on NovaJet Gloss & Matte Papers & Films for indoor & outdoor applications.

NovaJet Media for Desktop printing will include : Inkjet Photographic Papers (in substrates ranging from 130 - 270 gsm) for true-to-life photographic prints; Inkjet PhotoMatte Papers for presentations and concept proofs; Transparency Film for OHP presentations; Specialty Media such as Heat Transfer Papers, Opaque Gloss Films, etc; Artistic Media in a variety of colours and textured surfaces like Canvas-finish, Weave-finish, etc.; Colour Laser Media for colour laser printers that would include Papers, Transfers and Films; Multipurpose Adhesive-backed Labels in various shapes and sizes, including CD labels, etc.

About Us

TechNova is one of the world's largest manufacturers of digital & analog offset plates, chemicals, inkjet, laser and drafting media. Products include a full range of consumables for conventional and digital imaging systems for advertising, photography, medical imaging, signage, printing and packaging as well as textiles, engineering, architecture, geology and business graphics. Our technology alliance partners are Agfa (for offset plates & chemicals) and HDP (for chemicals).

Along with Agfa, TechNova is the only company in the world manufacturing the full range of CtP consumables i.e. inkjet photo papers for CtPhoto; inkjet proofing paper for CtProof; Thermal, Violet and UV metal plates for CtPlate; inkjet & laser polyester plates for CtPoly; and desktop, large format & laser media for CtPrint.

TechNova enjoys market shares of over 70% in each product category in the Indian subcontinent for over three decades, and significant market shares in targeted export countries. TechNova products are marketed in over 51 countries, backed by total performance and the lowest cost-in-use guarantees.

TechNova is an ISO 9001-2000 registered organisation and has received the prestigious "GATF InterTech '95 Technology Award", the Davos-based World Economic Forum's "Top-performing, Global Growth Company Award" (1997) as well as the "Technology Pioneer Award" (2000).

TechNova manufactures it products in Bombay, in factories that are recognized to be on par with the best in the world. The plant capacity for offset plates & chemicals is 5th largest in the world, and for inkjet media, amongst the top 10.

Contact Information at PrintPack India 2005 :

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