Users opt for CtP because of TechNova's Thermostar TN plates

Users opt for CtP because of TechNova's Thermostar TN plates

Its official. Almost all the CtP users in India are using the Thermostar TN plates. Some of the leading commercial printers like Pragati Offset, International Print-O-Pac, Vamsi Art Printers, KalaJyoti, Print House, and Alpha Computer to Plate, Superlekha, and J B Khanna & Co., have endorsed the new plate. Besides this, more and more, players are opting for thermal CtP, for three reasons: local availability of Plates, lower cost-in-use and total TechSupport.

Then there is quality, and here, Thermostar TN performs according to international quality standards. The plate is sensitised to 830 nm based on an innovative coating technology that offers fast imaging, convenient handling, and is ideal for stochastic or FM screening. Designed for high-end commercial printing applications it can achieve run-lengths up to 150,000 impressions (up to one million impressions with baking); and 1 to 99% dot resolution using 250 lpi screens.

The fact is, ever since TechNova's Thermostar TN has arrived on the scene, thermal CtP has become big news. This is more than evident, what with, Indian newspapers seriously contemplating investments in thermal CtP due to local availability of thermal plates at a competitive price (imported plates attract customs duty) which will reduce inventories and bring down the cost of CtP projects where several hundred plates are used per edition.

Rajesh Malhotra, Team Leader, CtP states, "TechNova's world-class manufacturing facility is committed to providing CtP solutions for the entire industry. This would be able to cater to double digit growth in the printing industry, increased capacity utilisation, and many more printers opting for CtP."

As TKX readers are aware, TechNova launched its CtP thermal technology in April 2004. Thermostar TN is manufactured in technical collaboration with Agfa.