Your insurance for price stability at our cost - Yet again

Your insurance for price stability at our cost - Yet again

Dear Customer,

Petroleum product price escalation has almost become a routine. At TechNova we are faced with this reality repeatedly during the past many months. We made a conscious effort to keep our customers insulated from repeated cost escalations through the price stability offer letter dated October 26, 2004. During the period December, 04 to February, 05, this offer has safeguarded our customers against raw material cost increase of Rs. 2.80 per litre on press washes and other product based on petroleum solvents.

We renew our commitment once again, quote "We are duty bound to safeguard the interest of our valued customers in spite of loss of revenue and the looming threat of further increase in price of petroleum solvents" unquote. We are greatly encouraged by the overwhelming response to our earlier offer and are pleased take up this challenge once again.
  • All you have to do is to provide us (or our authorised dealer) with a one time written standing order for your combined monthly requirements of press washes, emulsion plate cleaners and fountain solutions for the period April 05 to June 05.

  • TechNova along with our authorised dealers will guarantee continuation of supply at the rates announced by our price revision letter dated December 1, 2004 irrespective of further increases, if any, in our standard prices.

  • In the event that you require additional quantity or a change in product other than what is specified in your standing order, the same will have to be communicated in writing at least one month in advance. Our technical sales team will contact you to help implement such changes.

  • The freeze in price level is subject to zero cancellation of your written standing order during the period April 05 to June 05.

  • TechNova will continue to keep you informed on cost escalations and price revisions, if any, during this period. TechNova however, is committed to pass on the benefits of downward revision in raw material prices below the December 1, 2004 level if and when it occurs.
Please contact your TechNova representative or our authorised dealer to get yourself insured.

We are certain that you will appreciate the fact that this guarantee is offered in the backdrop of indications of cost escalation and uncertain scenario prevailing in the market with respect to petroleum solvents. The projected scenario for petroleum by experts indicates a spiralling impact on cost of press wash solvents and packaging material. We have already been intimated of yet another price hike in our raw material prices. We are consciously absorbing this cost increase to allow the time for our customers to complete the process of placing standing orders.

Should you require further clarifications or wish to share your comments and concerns, please contact :

Toll-free  :  1 600 22 7474,
Phone  :  91 (0)22 2741 2464 (Extn. 600)
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Thanking you
Very truly yours,

Kuruvilla Abraham   C G Ramakrishnan
Business Unit Leader, Chemicals   Chief Operating Officer