'We Care' in Delhi

'We Care' in Delhi

TechNova highlights a range of products that include easy-to-use and eco-friendly pressroom chemicals

TechNova organised a dealers' meet in Delhi in March, 2005. The meeting discussed several blanket and roller care products newly launched by TechNova during PrintPack 2005. Kuruvilla and Haque spent a great deal of time, highlighting the importance of cleaning, deglazing, rejuvenation, and decalcification attributes.

The point is, many a times a plate processing related problem, may be misunderstood to be caused by press chemistry.

Mr Kuruvilla Abraham
As an example - a printer experiencing 'toning' after a few thousand impressions may, quite understandably, blame the fount / ink relationship when in fact it is retained coating specks initially desensitised by the finisher that is the cause of the problem. This may be due to the poor calibration of the radiation source, or exhausted or incorrectly replenished chemistry. Printers regularly come across instances where insufficient care at the prepress stage causes press problems that are immediately blamed on the press chemistry.

In India, it is the era of quality printing. And quality printing requires care, cleaning, and maintenance of the press. The premium, prosperous printers in India are those with clean pressrooms and presses. They are the ones who have purchased multicolour presses and opted for full automation and extra units for coating.

Cleaners that Care :

Mr Amin Ul Haque
If an award was given to the most hard working part in a printing press, it would go to its rubber-coated components : the ink and dampening rollers, and the compressible offset blankets. These are constantly in touch with inks and with dampening and paper chemistry too. Hence, it makes sense to preserve them.

One simple mantra is : use the correct cleaning chemicals that don't eat the rubber but maintain the appropriate transfer and sheet release properties of the surface. Also, pamper and rejuvenate the rollers and blankets with a full cupboard of chemicals to prevent / retard the deterioration related to ageing.

For blankets, TechNova has introduced a full range of blanket treatments. Blanket Vitaliser is designed to be a real problem solver for a variety of conditions. Blanket Refresh is designed as a daily rejuvenator for once-a-day usage and for conditioning the new blanket before printing. Blanket Reviver is positioned as an effective replacement for Benzene and Revivarol Deglazer achieves quick and effective removal of hardened glaze and shiny polished surface created by the paper coating rubbing off on the blanket. When irregular size paper or heavy stocks give the blankets a real beating, chemicals like Blanket Reviver and Blanket Refresh can be used to remove the marking and the ghost image caused by embedded pigments. In the case of sensitivity loss, depressions and blanket smashes, Blanket Vitaliser and/or Swell can save a blanket in the middle of a run, or at least extend its life until a really critical job is completed.

For roller care, the TechNova team talked about DeepKleen Shampoo, and their Colour Change Paste, ColourKleen, for fast clean-ups for achieving true colour. Their product options for quick and effective deglazing of rubber rollers are Hydromarc for those who prefer a paste and DeepKleen Shampoo for those who prefer a gel that is washed off with water. DeepKleen Shampoo doubles up as an effective rejuvenator for the rubber rollers. CalKleen is a specialty product for decalcification (removal of hardened calcium deposits) and works well when used in conjunction with the deglazing wash-up on a regular basis. The range is complete with LubeKleen, a product that is specifically designed to lubricate the dry running units over prolonged duration while it does the job of a thorough cleaner as well.

TechNova has also introduced easy-to-use options for the back/impression cylinder and metering roller cleaning in the form of CylKleen and MetKleen. Indeed good news for the press minders who find these cleaning operations laborious and backbreaking!

The message at the end of the day was short and simple : Don't just clean. Nurture & Care for your press to be on the path of excellence in printing.

Today, printers - all over the world - are learning environmental chemistry. In India, most of them are partnering with TechNova, a green company with a tradition of sharing technology and knowledge.