Rains and floods affect printing industry

Rains and floods affect printing industry

TechNova committed to serving the industry, and partnering printers through this crisis.

For a short period in the last week of July, Mumbai went down the drain. The rains and flooding have dented Mumbai's megalopolis stature and world city aspirations. As the city is limping back to life (bruised and battered), it is the right time to ask the question : how comfortable are Indians with the concept of a city? Do we merely transplant a zilla or state administrative machinery onto a city and hope it works?

TechNova believes that the city of Mumbai requires complex governance to manage its economic structures and urban cultures along with vast populations (both resident and migrant). This means giving the civic authorities the power to work like a mini-State. This is the only way the productive potential of a city like Mumbai can be unleashed, instead of hobbling them on the wheels of a ramshackle state machinery.

Of course, this is a thing for the experts and city planners to dwell into. But it is something the entire printing fraternity has to mull over.

The reason being : in the aftermath of the rains, one of the things to be noticed is that many printing units have suffered greatly. High tech machines have been disabled, ink and papers stocks ruined, property destroyed, trained personnel have been traumatised by the disaster, etc.

Over the past few days, one has heard woeful sagas of school & college libraries with lakhs of books being submerged. The Oxford Depot in Kalina has lost some of their best titles. Positives and plates have not reached their destination. Several printing presses like Dhote Offset and GP Printing Press had to shut down, and forced to outsource their current jobs.

It is very sad and agonizing that so many companies in the printing fraternity have become victims of nature's fury in Mumbai.

At TechNova, we do not have adequate and appropriate words to convey our profound grief for all the losses and trauma that the people of Mumbai have had to endure.

TechNova hopes affected printers explore each and every possibility for relief through insurance, Government help, retrieval, rehabilitation schemes, consultancy, calamity fund relief and so on to meet the emergency.

In fact one of Mumbai's premier print associations, Mumbai Mudrak Sangh has initiated a special service for affected printers. This has meant the setting up a pool of printers who are keen to help out affected printers. The Association is drawing up a strategy to approach the Government (State and Central) for special assistance for affected printers.

In the gloom, there is some good news for TechNova customers. Inspite of the massive flooding at Taloja, none of the TechNova plants have been affected. None of the stock has been damaged, neither has there been a go slow on the production front.

As always, TechNova is committed to serving the industry, and partnering you through this crisis.