Inkjet Media From TechNova

Inkjet Media From TechNova

TechNova has been one of the leading manufacturers of Inkjet Media in the Indian Graphic Arts industry and has helped popularise the use of Inkjet media for various Desktop and Large Format applications.

According to Anil Bhot, General Manager - Marketing, Digital Print Media "TechNova offers the most exciting & wide range of Inkjet Media under the brand name NovaJet, for large format applications as well as cut sheets for desktop inkjet applications. NovaJet Media empowers you to effortlessly transform your digital prints into works of art!"

The NovaJet Desktop Media range, commonly known as Business Graphics, covers a wide range of Photographic Papers, Matte Papers, Transparency Films, Specialty Media (for creative applications), Artistic Media, Multipurpose labels etc.

On the other hand, the NovaJet Inkjet Large Format Media, aimed at the premium signage and graphics industry, consists of inkjet photo papers, films, cloth, canvas and silver metallised films. The media offers a choice of surface finishes (Gloss, Satin, Matte), display properties (frontlit & backlit) and is available in various sizes & thicknesses, with & without self-adhesive backing.

Today, the applications of Inkjet Media are wide-ranging : from Greeting Cards, Photo-realistic Posters, Business Presentations, to POP Displays, Banners and Backdrops at Events and Exhibitions, Digital Art Reproduction the possibilities are limitless! And keeping this in mind, TechNova offers media to suit every application, printing device & price bracket.

Users have been vouching for the media. TechNova's NovaJet Inkjet Media offers high image definition and line clarity for better resolution and sharpness of images and wider & vibrant colour gamut, which the customer desires.

When asked why use NovaJet Inkjet Media, Bhot points out, "For media to retain ink drops on its surface, there is a need for a coating on the surface. The coating on Inkjet Media ensures that ink drops remain on the surface of the media, so that the vividness and vibrancy of the image is not lost. Various types of coated media permit the user to bring out texture, intensity, and passion of the image. The point is, coating formulations and media base need to be compatible with various types of inkjet printing heads and inks, an area in which TechNova has special expertise."

Today, NovaJet Inkjet Media has become a harbinger of the rapid progress being made in the development of Inkjet Media technology.

A perfect blend of technology + innovation!