TechNova Seminar at Nashik

TechNova Seminar at Nashik

Printers are confident about CtP Technology

Life is all about learning new things, facing new challenges and learning how to convert challenges into opportunities. This statement epitomises TechNova's Seminar that was conducted in Nashik recently.

On the evening of 25th November, more than two hundred delegates had gathered at Hotel Green View, Nashik. TechNova's objective for conducting the seminar was simple : To share the journey of the Indian print industry from analog to CtP, with the printing fraternity of Nashik.

Since the past few months, TechNova has been holding a series of high-level seminars and road shows across the country. And the feedback has been stupendous. Even at the Nashik Seminar, delegates were provided with an in-depth understanding of CtP technology; its advantages; and how to invest in the right way to get maximum returns.

Delegates at Nashik seminar
Delegates at Nashik seminar

The Chief Guest at the Nashik Seminar was Mr C G Ramakrishnan, Chief Operating Officer, TechNova Imaging Systems (P) Limited. The speakers, also from TechNova, were Mr Prafulla S Sathe, who spoke about CtP technology and its trend in India; Mr Piyush Kapadia, who covered costing techniques and its elements in the print industry; and Mr Avinash Kawadkar, who discussed the importance of CtP compatible chemistry and its role in standardisation as well as waste elimination.

Right at the start, a testimonial film was screened, to highlight the growing benefits of positive thermal CtP technology. This film had case-studies and testimonials of the two biggest newspapers (in terms of circulation), DNA & Dainik Jagran. Both newspapers deploy thermal CtP technology successfully. And they both use TechNova's Thermostar News positive thermal plates for their newspaper publications.

After the screening, Sathe covered the following points :

Speakers at Nashik seminar
Speakers at Nashik seminar
  • The existence of different CtP technologies (i.e Violet Silver, Violet Photopolymer, Thermal & CtPoly).

  • The benefits of thermal for various commercial and newspaper segments.

  • The quality, cost and competitive advantages of CtP over conventional plates.

  • Various vendors for CtP and platesetters, and market share of different players.

  • Compatible chemistry.
Piyush Kapadia's presentation included the following topics :
  • Objectives of costing.

  • Elements of costing.

  • How to increase profits by using CtP technology.

  • Impact of CtP technology and globalisation on costing & business process.
The final speaker was Avinash Kawadkar whose presentation highlighted the following :
  • Maintaining consistent quality, with measurable parameters.

  • The cost-in-use and its three success factors (Performance Efficiency, Waste Elimination, and Standardisation) leading to customer satisfaction.

  • Detailed CtP compatible chemistry.

  • Details of various products in the CtP compatible chemistry range.
Three CtP bureaus, who are based in Pune, were also invited for this seminar. They took the opportunity to discuss the nitty gritties of their workflow and systems with printers in Nashik. As one delegate observed, "It was a privilege to listen to the three speakers and their experiences. This has given me, and other printers a lot of confidence about CtP Technology."

Mr. Vandan Potnis, President, Nashik Zilla Mudrak Sangh, addressed the audience after the presentations, and complimented TechNova on its initiative to spread CtP awareness. Afterwards the Sangh presented mementos to C G Ramakrishnan and the three speakers. Besides this, the Sangh also honoured two eminent customers and Mr Ashwin Dravid, TechNova's representative in Nashik.

The seminar ended with a vote of thanks by Mr Prashant Raka, on behalf of the Association. The audience, who comprised of people from print houses, bureaus and even end users, was very satisfied with all the three presentations. Later in the evening, audience members got an opportunity to discuss their shop-floor issues with C G Ramakrishnan, and even got their doubts cleared by the experts from TechNova.

The seminar was hosted and sponsored by TechNova's channel partner in Nashik, Mr Suhas Natu of Friendly Graphics.

If your city or Print Association is keen to host a similar seminar, please contact :

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