TechNova's Solution for Printers

TechNova's Solution for Printers

In the hurly burly of PAMEX, one component of the printing process that might have got overlooked, but was highlighted at the TechNova stall, was the fountain solution.

A TechNova spokesman manning the stall, explained, "As printers seek to produce higher quality jobs with faster make-ready times and less waste, one key component they might tend to overlook is their fountain solution. Fountain solutions may be a fundamental ingredient in the lithographic process, but it's usually seen as little more than a common consumable."

It is true. A fountain solution typically represents less than 1% of a printer's expenditure, but its impact can be tremendous. It has a real effect on a printer's productivity and reproduction quality. Which is why, TechNova's thrust on fountain solutions is laudable.

Offset press operators have long been bedeviled by the need to maintain optimum ink / water balance. Too much dampening water, makes the ink emulsified, resulting in excessive dot gain in the printed image, low ink density, toning and poor print contrast. Too little dampening water, on the other hand, and the plate non-image areas will become sensitised, resulting in scumming.

Correct and consistent dilution of the fountain solution concentrate is vital and the use of automated dosing systems helps. Nevertheless, without regular maintenance, even this method may prove unreliable. A regular check with a freshly calibrated conductivity meter is therefore recommended to ensure optimum dilution and performance.

TechNova is, as ever, busy in their research and development departments devising new and innovative products for sheetfed and heatset web offset printing currently under testing.

One of the successful brands that TechNova has introduced is TotalRespect. This is a third generation fountain solution for high speed sheetfed presses. According to a company spokesman, TotalRespect offers a reduction of isopropanol percentage to 6% or less. It also offers zero alcohol printing when used along with AlcoZAP, the Zero Alcohol printing additive.

TechNova promises to continue its quest, to offer printers with new Technology and Innovation.

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