Thermostar News makes news in India

Thermostar News makes news in India

Circulation of Indian Dailies up 33%

TechNova Makes News With Indian Newspapers

The circulation of Indian dailies jumped 33% to over 7.86 crores during 2001-05 even as global newspaper circulation increased 9.95% in the same period.

As readers will recall, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar and Amar Ujala retained their top positions according to the National Readership Survey (NRS) 2006. The top newspapers in terms of readership are Dainik Jagran with a readership of 2.12 crores, Dainik Bhaskar with 2.09 crores and Amar Ujala with 1.08 crores.

All three newspapers use Thermal Positive CtP technology - and TechNova's Thermostar News plates - to power their growth.

But there's much more. The Thermal Positive CtP success story extends across languages and regions and to almost every important newspaper in the country.

Thermostar News ensures quality at Punjab Kesari

The Punjab Kesari Group publishes Jag Bani in Punjabi, Punjab Kesari in Hindi and Hind Samachar in Urdu.

Amit Chopra, Director, Punjab Kesari, Jalandhar, highlights the reasons why he chose Thermostar News, and says, "TechNova's Thermostar News is based on a cost-effective and robust technology. This technology has a very good track record in India. Plus the plates are manufactured in India. For a newspaper like ours, fail-safe supply chain is a critical factor. We cannot afford to depend on vagaries of imports."

He continues, "The quality is first rate. Baked positive thermal plates are virtually indestructible. We plan to install an on-line baking oven to ensure zero plate failure."

The benefits of Thermostar News, according to Chopra, are "economy, local supply and 24/7 support during our CtP journey. TechNova's plates have ensured all this and much more."

After converting to Thermostar News, Chopra says, "The images have improved sharpness and even the text is sharper. Our printer is happy, our readers are happy." He concludes, "TechNova has delivered what they promised. TechNova has been our PS plate supplier; they have never let us down. The market feedback on their thermal plates is good. Their manufacturing plant and technology are from Agfa. We feel totally safe."

Thermostar News Scores at Daily Ajit

Gurjot Kaur, Senior Executive, Daily Ajit points out, "TechNova's Thermostar News has ensured higher productivity, cleaner operation and lower materials and production costs. Their plates offer superior quality and durability. Plus the plates can be handled under normal daylight conditions."

Kaur adds, "Plates are one of the main material cost items for newspaper operations. We took our time and studied the requirements of our newspaper. We found thermal positive CtP to have two advantages. One, the technology seems ideal for India. Two, TechNova is a reliable supplier for thermal positive plates."

Today, TechNova's Thermostar News plates are deployed for Daily Ajit's Jalandhar edition. This edition has a daily circulation nearing 3 lakh copies and on Sundays the circulation is above 3.5 lakh copies. Ajit has been a pioneer among Punjabi newspapers in terms of modifying the size as well as the tradition of publishing colour supplements. It started by bringing out one supplement a week and increased it to 6 supplements a week. Some of these require 133 lpi on glazed paper, which is printed on a heatset machine.

Kaur affirms, "TechNova's plates guarantee good quality, and the photographs are sharp." She goes on to add, "With other plates we had trouble with settings and registration, but there was no such problem with Thermostar News."

According to Kaur, "Every Punjabi considers it an honour to read Ajit and Ajit Samachar. This places a tremendous responsibility on the newspaper."

Thanks to TechNova's Thermostar News, Ajit can print 3,69,474 first class copies, every day, day after day.


In India, the number of dailies increased from 1,493 in 2001 to 1,907 in 2003 before dipping to 1,729 in 2004. The figure, however, rose to 1,834 in the following year.

Similarly, the circulation of Indian dailies consistently increased from 5.91 crore in 2001 to 7.29 crore in 2003 to 7.86 crore in 2005. According to Timothy Balding, CEO of the Paris-based World Association of Newspapers, newspapers represent a $180 billion industry, with more advertising revenues than radio, cinema, magazines and internet combined.

In such times, it is important that a newspaper has the perfect technology partner. Newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, Daily Thanthi, Punjab Kesari & Daily Ajit have realised the importance of blending "fine journalism" with an innovative, businesslike approach - and being technologically smarter than the competitors.

No wonder then, that all these newspapers are using Thermal Positive CtP technology, powered by TechNova plates. Another achievement by TechNova!