The CtPoly boom at PAMEX

The CtPoly boom at PAMEX

CtPoly PrintShop @ PAMEX 2006 The CtPoly boom starts to spread all over India

There were hundreds of visitors at PAMEX who were keen to convert their "dwell time" into genuine enquiries and actual orders. Most of them were very impressed with the technological break-through of TechNova's PolyJet CtPolyester plate.

On Day One of PAMEX, there was a customer from a small town. He visited the Printshop set-up for the CtPoly system. This customer was given a detailed-demo of the entire system comprising of the PolyRIP, the Epson Printer and a Fuser.

The customer had a specific need. He wanted to purchase a printing machine. His requirement was clear-cut. He said, colour printing is booming in every segment from newspapers to telephone and electricity bills. Books, signage, packaging, direct mail, everything is being printed in colour and while the big new imported multicolour presses are focussed on exports and premium work, an increasing quantity of the everyday printing work is now printed on single colour machines.

He wanted to know if PolyJet can satisfy his requirements.

It did.

The operation was a simple Four Step Operation.
  • Step 1 : Design the job using standard DTP software.
  • Step 2 : RIP the file using PolyRIP; Image using the recommended inkjet printer.
  • Step 3 : Expose & process the P S plate using the PosiJet positive.
  • Step 4 : Print!
After the customer was totally satisfied with the results of the CtPoly System, he visited the stall of a printing machine manufacturer. The question, he asked the printing machine manufacturer was: "Is your machine compatible with TechNova's PolyJet plate?"

Promptly, a tech-engineer from the machine manufacturer visited TechNova's PrintShop, outputted TechNova's PolyJet CtPolyester plate - and ran it on their machine. It was a huge success. The plate and machine performance was superb. The customer was totally satisfied.

On cue, he booked an order and became a part of the TechNova Family.

The point is that printing is an art. It needs to be nurtured carefully. The paper, board, and inks have improved enormously as has the colour processing. Now with TechNova's PolyJet CtPolyester plate, the printer can produce high quality print jobs with relative ease. Printers can achieve a high standard with the right software.

Small offset

Printing is entering a new phase. There is a whole range of colour that can be produced on inkjets such as TechNova's PolyJet technology which works with an Epson inkjet device. This is a very strong technology and it works wonders with the single colour small offset presses produced by several Indian manufacturers. Manufacturers such as Autoprint, Swift and Gallantic export their machines but what is significant is that the Indian buyers use these presses for multicolour work and in many cases use the new output technologies that do not require an imagesetter to first output separation films.

This is where TechNova scores.

This was more than evident when a commercial printer stepped into TechNova's PrintShop. He studied the systems, and observed the demos of both the CtPoly and CtPosi system workflow. Later, he examined the samples that were printed using PosiJet and PolyJet.

He could not believe the result and the technological break through that CtPoly systems have achieved. He said, "This is too good to be true."

This printer was one of the many who were over-awed by with the demos at the PrintShop. Most of the "serious enquiries" were from small and medium sized printers based in Mumbai, and metro towns like Bijapur and Guwahati. They wanted to deploy the PolyJet for the two and four page format presses for low-cost, two & four-colour short-run jobs of 10,000 to 20,000 impressions.

As one the customers explained, "One of the main reasons to opt for the PolyJet System is its multi- usability. I can use it as : a plate-making system; or a positive making system; and even a print-on-demand system (proofing). This is ideal for printers, who have to cater to all kinds of demands."

This is yet another first-in-the-world innovation from TechNova. PolyJet, is a no-process polyester offset plate that can be imaged on a standard inkjet printer and taken directly to the press for printing medium-run, four-colour work, without any processing, in any format. Team TechNova demonstrated four-colour jobs can be imaged on the plate using a wide format piezo inkjet printer. These imaged plates went directly to the Autoprint single colour press without any chemical processing.

Newspaper format

Newspapers is one of the high growth areas. Not all newspapers have the resources to purchase high-speed machines with massive investments. This represents one of the biggest market segments in the country. The big companies produce their newspapers on high speed, capital intensive machines. But the real newspaper revolution is transpiring in the B & C metros and towns. Most of the work requires top quality, and good, clean colours.

TKX Bulletin spoke to one of the newspaper owners, who mentioned that even today, some presses use colour processing with output on imagesetter film and most often using presensitised plates. Outside metro cities, some presses use a high proportion of deep-etch plates or regrained plates. In such a scenario, TechNova's PosiJet is a boon.

As was demonstrated at TechNova's PrintShop, PosiJet is a clear (i.e. fully transparent) inkjet film. It is imaged on the Epson 7600, serves as an offset positive or screen-printing positive. PosiJet film is designed to produce high-resolution four-colour plate-ready positives in 1, 2, 4 and 8 page formats, with UV density matching silver-based films.

Some of the printers from Vadodra, Bijapur, Guwahati who print on a wide variety of newsprints and do all kinds of work from printing jobs, were most impressed with the results.

On Day Two of PAMEX, a newspaper owner, from a small town in rural Maharashtra, walked in 30 minutes before the closing time of the exhibition. He requested for a demo on the CtPosi system, which comprises of a PolyRIP and Epson Printer.

During the demo, he had innumerable questions which were addressed by TechNova's technical team. At the end of the demo, he was more than impressed with the quality of output. The newspaper owner, took the output to his town, so as to discuss the matter with his production personnel. He wanted to use the film in his own press, and in his own press environment. On the last day of PAMEX, he returned with an enormous smile on his face. He was carrying a cheque book and a confirmed order for the CtPosi System.

He was most happy with the reliability and viability of the PosiJet. He said it was the sort of technology which is "ideal" in the current Indian economy, where printers seek a solid rate of return on investment - and uncompromising quality.

Hats off to TechNova for another Technological Innovation.

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