TechNova @ Sign and Graphic Imaging ME 2007

TechNova @ Sign and Graphic Imaging ME 2007

TechNova at Sign & Graphic Imaging ME 2007 Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai
27th February - 1st March, 2007

TechNova introduced a comprehensive range of large format media at the recent Sign & Graphics Imaging ME 2007, in Dubai.

Visitors were Enthralled by TechNova's inkjet media for various Desktop and Large Format applications. Almost all of them agreed that TechNova offers the widest and most exciting range of world-class Inkjet Papers, Films, Vinyls & Specialty media for Desktop and Large Format applications.

Over the years, TechNova has successfully leveraged its decades of experience in coating of conventional and digital imaging substrates, to produce an impressive range of inkjet media for the large format segment. Marketed under the brand names, "NovaJet" & "NovaSign", these media empower printers to effortlessly transform their ordinary digital prints into works of art!

At the simple, yet elegant stand at Sign & Graphic Imaging ME, TechNova showcased their comprehensive range of large format media, for the Signage and Graphics industry. Stunning images printed on various media, were the key attraction of the TechNova stall. The media on display included :
  • NovaJet Backlit Front Print PET Film 175
  • NovaJet PhotoMatte PVC Film 100 SA
  • NovaJet PhotoGloss PET Film 50 SA
  • NovaJet PhotoSatin PVC Film 175
  • NovaSign PosterSatin PVC Film 100 SA
One constant feedback was that visitors were delighted that they could touch & feel the finish and texture of the media, as these were most effectively displayed as printed rolls at the stand. The stall was awash with colours, and was filled with bright and vibrant images that kept the visitors mesmerised. No wonder, people gravitated towards the TechNova stall, which was one of the most visited stalls at the exhibition.

Bhuwan Upreti, Territory Sales Manager, Digital Print Media, explained that the NovaJet media range consisted of inkjet photo papers (PE & RC), films (PET, PP, PVC), cloth, canvas and specialty media with a choice of surface finishes (gloss, satin, matte), display properties (frontlit & backlit), in various sizes & thicknesses, with and without self-adhesive backing. On the other hand, he explained, the NovaSign range consisted of solvent vinyl & lamination film with self-adhesive backing.

"NovaJet & NovaSign media are manufactured using one of the world's most sophisticated coating & converting plant. It utilises leading-edge ink-receptive layer formulations and coating technologies. The end-result is a range of products that match and occasionally, even surpass features of the best products in the world." explained Upreti.

One of reasons for popularity of TechNova in Dubai isthat they offer more than just high-quality large format media for their customers. TechNova provides complete media solutions, including a full spectrum of value-added services to help printers produce zero-defect digital prints, print-after-print. These include :

Media Selection :

Media performance is significantly affected by factors like Image Characteristics, Printer Technology, Ink Formulation, Print-shop environment, Post-printing Applications, Finishing, End-usage, etc. With TechNova's industry experience and product knowledge, their Application Specialists help printers identify external factors and assist them in selection of the right media for their jobs.

Colour Management :

Each NovaJet media type comes with its own ICC profile, designed for optimum colour rendition. TechNova's Colour Management team also offers their services to help customers create customised profiles to match their particular requirements.

Trouble-shooting :

TechNova's TechSupport team studies any problems faced by the printers, simulates them in their state-of-the-art Application Lab and provides customers with on-site solutions that work.

Logistics Support :

TechNova's extensive logistics network ensures that all the popular NovaJet media types are available off-the-shelf in all the important print centres.

Lowest Cost-in-Use :

TechNova is committed to providing customers with a value-for-money package consisting of product performance, support services, and logistics management, which result in lower cost-in-use than any other brand offering in the industry!