TechNova at FGD Expo 2007

TechNova at FGD Expo 2007

FGD Expo 2007
8th to 12th August
Jakarta Convention Centre
Jakarta, Indonesia

FGD Expo 2007 is one of the most important trade exhibitions in South East Asia Asia. With its theme, "Where Technology Meets Creativity" the exhibition reflected the trend of convergence in graphic arts technology which is mainly driven by creative businesses. As such, FGD Expo 2007 is driven towards setting a higher benchmark in promotion, publishing and packaging businesses that will match or surpass any standards in Indonesia as well as South East Asia.

FGD-Expo 2007 - At a Glance
Jakarta Convention Centre
5 day show
278 exhibitors (including 5 overseas)
8 supporting organizations
12 supporting media
85,000 visitors

TechNova at FGD Expo 2007

TechNova at FGD Expo 2007 TechNova has always played a key role in the South East Asian market. It has a solid distribution network in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hongkong and Philippines. Whats important is, TechNova's technology applications have fostered dramatic improvements in the printing industry and TechNova has always been considered as a top-quality supplier.

TechNova has had a solid presence in the Indonesian market since three years.

FGD 2007 was a joint participation for TechNova with its local partner Pt Apecmas.

TechNova showcased their comprehensive range like PS Plates, Chemicals, Laser film and Ct Poly products.

The Ct Poly products got a very good response with hundred of visitors showing interest. Most of them were very impressed with the technological break-through of TechNova's PolyJet CtPolyester plate. The visitors were very keen to know the process and mechanism of Ct Poly.

The operation is a simple Four Step Operation.

Step 1 : Design the job using standard DTP software.

Step 2 : RIP the file using PolyRIP; Image using the recommended inkjet printer.

Step 3 : Expose & process the P S plate using the PosiJet positive.

Step 4 : Print!

CtPoly in Indonesia

Printing is entering a new phase. There is a whole range of colour that can be produced on inkjets such as TechNova's technology which works with an inkjet device. This is a very strong technology and it works wonders with the colour offset presses. What is significant is that printers use these presses for multicolour work and in many cases use the new output technologies that do not require an imagesetter to first output separation films.

This is where TechNova scores.

This was more than evident when a commercial printer stepped into TechNova's PrintShop. He studied the systems. And observed the demos of CtPoly products and the workflow. Later, he examined the samples.

He could not believe the result and the technological break through CtPoly. He said, "This is too good to be true."

This is yet another first-in-the-world innovation from TechNova. PolyJet, is a no-process polyester offset plate that can be imaged on a standard inkjet printer and taken directly to the press for printing medium-run, four-colour work, without any processing, in any format. Team TechNova demonstrated four-colour jobs can be imaged on the plate using a wide format piezo inkjet printer. These imaged plates went directly to a single colour press without any chemical processing.

One more Technological Innovation from TechNova!

Print industry in Indonesia

The print industry is growing; and the biggest ripples are being felt in the South East Markets where most of the countries have a GDP of 5-6%.

The development of the Graphic Industry in Indonesia is as follows:

Opportunities and Challenges
As a developing country with a population of more than 220 million, spread throughout a vast archipelago, Indonesia currently shows significant growth and increasing needs for numerous graphics products. This can be observed from a variety of indicators directly related to the graphics industry, such as advertising, paper consumption, graphics companies and the packaging industry.

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in retail advertising revenues, both in private and governmental sectors.

Paper Consumption
Paper requirements are rising steadily, with an annual increase averaging 5% since 2004 and are expected to keep increasing until 2009 [projected].

Graphics Company
PPGI or the Indonesian Graphics Industry Association, states that there are approximately 25,000 companies dealing in graphics-related industry since 1997. By 2010, it is predicted that the number of companies will increase to 27,500.

Packaging Industry
FPI (Federation of Indonesian Packaging Companies) has concluded that packaging businesses in Indonesia has grown steadily due to expansion of plants as well as new investments. These packaging plants answer the increasing demand in consumer goods among Indonesians.

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