TechNova CashClub launched in Delhi

TechNova CashClub launched in Delhi

The printer gets what he wants; where he wants & when he wants!

TechNova launched its CashClub in New Delhi. The CashClub was officially inaugurated by the Chief Guests, Bikash D Niyogi, MD, Niyogi Offset Pvt Ltd and Vinay Baveja, MD, Viba Press Pvt Ltd in the presence of key printers, customers and channel partners (dealers) from Delhi.

Both the Chief Guests made token purchases of plates from the outlet and made a cheque payment as part of an austere and dignified, inauguration program

This CashClub has been created for busy printing professionals who want the very best in a limited time. It has been touted as a unique business model that caters to India's Graphics Art Industry.

Vinay Baveja stated, "As the print industry is becoming more competitive, there is a growing demand for new concepts. TechNova through the Cash Club outlet is one such innovation".

Bikash Niyogi affirmed, "speed is the key thing, and fullfilling customers need with the best of products and supplies at the most competitive prices becomes vital. This is where a well-structured and cost-efficient system like the CashClub assists a typical print executive who has limited time to spend on product purchase."

Speaking on the occasion, Ganeshan Iyer, Channel Development Manager pointed out, "TechNova's CashClub is designed to offer the best of our offerings while ensuring that the printer is able to do business from the minute he gets in touch with TechNova. The hallmark of CashClub is not just timely delivery and cost savings but a comprehensive service and follow up. So that ultimately, the printer gets what he wants and when he wants it."

A Smart Club of Printers :

TechNova's Cash Club is a significant development in the landscape of the printing industry. For the uninitiated, CashClub is TechNova's smart way to directly cater to the print industry, every day, 24/7. This is to supplement the traditional distribution systems.

One of TechNova's stated missions has always been to provide printers with superior products that offer unbeatable value for money, through all possible channels of customer's choice. The CashClub concept is an initiative to assist the printer by doing exactly this - and also to ensure the best bargain for CASH! Already the much-feted Cash Club has built a business platform that connects with more than 600 premier printers in the country.

The modus operandi is simple. Customers first become CashClub members, and can then order plates directly from TechNova CashClub, via phone, fax or even online. Delivery is made within 48 hours against payment by cheque or DD. This helps the CashClub member receive TechNova's PS plates at substantial savings. Depending on the plate brand & size, the savings range from 4% to 14%, which is significantly higher than the interest cost of converting your credit purchase to cash.

The philosophy behind the CashClub scheme is to eliminate waste, make the supply chain cost efficient and pass on the resultant savings to the CashClub customer.

Hidden in these details lies an untold story : of how the CashClub has already made huge strides in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana & Jallandhar. The progress is a fascinating study of how the TechNova model has become sustainable and scalable for printers in these cities.

The Cash Club Outlet in Delhi will be operated by TechNova's MLP & CnF, Ravi Handa from his Okhla Industrial Estate premises.

Win-Win situation

With CashClub, TechNova has re-defined what competitive marketing is all about. Its distribution system has been the envy of every other marketing organisation in the country. Its brand portfolio is no less formidable. Also, being a quintessential entrepreneurial firm, TechNova has prided itself on the ability to spot new business opportunities, often choosing a path which has reaped profits for the end-user. This is where the smart system in the CashClub scores.

It is a new strategy which speeds up the flow of money.

Deepak Chawla, Team Leader, Marketing, Offset Plates & Chemicals explains, "When a customer buys on credit, the supply chain involves multipoints. The price you pay includes interest cost as well as risk premium charged by the TechNova Dealer. On the other hand, as a CashClub member, when you buy for cash, the dealer network works on a minimal margin, and you keep the savings. The savings in material handling costs are also passed on to the CashClub customers." That's not all. As a CashClub member, the printer receives the plates within 48 hours of order, directly from TechNova CashClub Hub.

In addition to the cash savings, CashClub customers enjoy certain exclusive privileges :
  • Priority supplies & technical support
  • Preferential pricing and periodic promotional schemes
  • Customised technology update seminars for CashClub customer employees
  • The good news is the scheme will be extended to other TN products, soon.

Chawla concludes "Today every printer is affected by fierce competition and aggressive cost cutting. A new business paradigm is needed to survive. This new paradigm has to be focused, frugal, and fast! CashClub is the embodiment of all three!"

And why not? Technology and Innovation are part of TechNova's corporate genes!

For further information on the CashClub scheme, contact :

Ganeshan Iyer
Channel Development Manager
Phone : +91 (0)22 2741 2463
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