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Solutions from TechNova

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Reduction in down-time and wastage

Ever since, TechNova Imaging Systems introduced - RollerCare, BlanketCare and PressCare Systems - the print industry has been found a perfect solution for maintenance of rollers, blankets and press components.

The new range from TechNova is in news for providing low usage cost and ensuring the press components remain in optimum condition for problem free and high quality printing.

TechNova RollerCare Solutions

TechNova helpdesk feedback confirms, "Correctly maintained inking rollers are a prerequisite for trouble free ink transfer and application."

It's a well known fact that press components inking rollers are subjected to heat, pressure, pigment abrasion and the effects of cleaning materials on a daily basis. This leads to reduced lifespan, loss of specification (hardness, dimension) and reduced efficiency efficacy. Addressing these problems has traditionally been done by the application of harsh abrasives or strong solvents leading to yet another set of problems, principally swelling, cracking and reduced life.

According to market feedback, TechNova has made great strides towards resolving these difficulties.

This is largely due to the introduction of RollerCare products. This range has gained rapid acceptance with printers in India and abroad due to the combination of ease of use, safety and effectiveness. DeepKleen roller shampoo ensures rollers operate at optimum condition. The LubriKleen paste provides a handy combination of lubrication/ and cleaning for idle units and is useful for cold-set web offset.

Total preventative maintenance (TPM) is being adopted by modern printing press operators and TechNova's RollerCare products are designed specifically to assist with the implementation of this key concept.

TechNova BlanketCare Solutions

Today's modern offset printing blankets are highly evolved items of engineering. They have finely tuned surface and bulk characteristics, which have been designed to provide longevity and quality on the press. This is not as easy as it sounds. Blankets are subjected to chemical and physical conditions that cause damage. Harsh chemistry, heat, pressure and abrasion cause the optimised surface characteristics to degrade over time. This reduces quality of reproduction and creates print quality and downtime problems.

"TechNova's BlanketCare products have been designed to ensure that blanket characteristics such as Ra (roughness average), hardness, release and dimensional stability remain as designed, throughout their press life."

Of particular interest to coldset web offset printers are TechNova Blanket Refresh and Blanket Vitaliser. The Blanket Refresh is designed for regular use as part of a blanket maintenance program. The Blanket Refresh (used once per day), ensures the surface of the blanket is clean and retains the designed reproduction and release properties, throughout it's lifetime. Blanket Vitaliser is a trouble shooting product and is designed to resolve problems of tack and the build up of contaminants, over time, that cause the blanket to behave in a sub-optimal manner.

TechNova's research and development team based in Taloja, Maharashtra have worked with blanket experts and manufacturers in Europe to create products that work in harmony with the blanket. For example, consider the Blanket Vitaliser, which contains the same type of plasticizers as the blanket manufacturers include in their blanket face compounds and help to maintain the optimum Ra over the life of the blanket.

TechNova's PressCare Solutions

Today, the coldset printing sector, in particular, is seen as a leader in this revolution and the number and specification of new presses is growing almost daily. The new breed of presses now being installed are expensive and sophisticated in terms of their design, engineering tolerances and operating parameters. Hence it is more important than ever before to ensure the chemistry being used on these presses is not only effective and safe for the user and the environment, but also minimizes the risk of press components being damaged or their characteristics altered during use.

TechNova has tackled these issues on two fronts. Firstly, by the introduction of PressCare, a range of products designed for the safe cleaning of press components. Secondly, it has developed founts and cleaners that are low corrosion formulations in line with specifications laid down by the internationally reputed FOGRA in Germany.

TechNova's CylKleen is specifically designed for cleaning plate and blanket cylinders and bearers. It removes the matrix of dried ink, lint and salts that can build up - and also deposits a layer of corrosion inhibiting chemistry on the cylinder surface. This deposit reduces the speed of corrosion caused by contact with electrolytes to a negligible level.

TechNova Fount System Cleaner is a maintenance product, which cleans the internal pipework of the dampening system. It reduces the rate of reproduction and removes the build up of bacterial slimes and fungal spores that can lead to blockages and microbiological infections in the system.


"TechNova PressCare Range" of products are proving a big hit with the print companies. The aim of health and safety guidelines is for all manufacturers to try and reduce the usage of harmful chemicals and to replace them wherever possible with safer alternatives. Today, cleaning is part of everyday life for printers - and TechNova has made this process as easy and safe as possible, keeping in mind that many people in printing spend eight hours every day cleaning.

"Our products have a relatively low environmental impact, lower odour characteristics and are more pleasant to use than conventional solvents and other cleaners," as the TechNova helpdesk feedback confirms.

The helpdesk team concludes, "Another benefit is that they can help to reduce the amount of hazardous wastes generated during the cleaning process as when they are used on cloths not only is there a strong odour released in to the atmosphere, which is unpleasant for everyone in that environment, but the cleaning cloth also becomes hazardous waste."

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