TechNova @ drupa 2008

TechNova @ drupa 2008

Record registration results for drupa 2008
28 Indian stalls for drupa. 47 Indian stalls for Interpack

TechNova @ drupa 2008 On 5th November, Messe Duesseldorf India Pvt Ltd launched Drupa / Interpack for a massive gathering of Mumbai printers.

Other than exhibitors, (past and present), the who's who of the Mumbai printing industry; the panel of speakers included: Michael Degen - Executive Director, Messe Duesseldorf GmbH; Wilfried Schaefer - Managing Director, German Printing and Paper, Technology Association (VDMA); Bharat Patel - Managing Director, Multipack Systems Pvt Ltd and President of Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India (IPMMI); Anna Schmidt - Consul (Counsellor Financial Sector) of the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mumbai; Salim Giga - Director - International Affairs of TechNova Imaging Systems Pvt Ltd; and Xavier Rebello - Executive Director, Messe Duesseldorf India.

What emerged was: drupa 2008 (the 14th drupa) will break all previous records. With some 170,000 square metres of net exhibition space (roughly equivalent to 40 soccer fields) and exhibitor numbers topping 1800, the print media fair to be staged from 29 May to 11 June 2008 will be the biggest ever in its more than 50-year history. This will entail the use of the Düsseldorf Trade Fair Center's full capacity, including all new additions. There were already indications of this trend last year, shortly before the official close of registrations on 31 October. Increase in leading international technology suppliers' space requirements, plus larger-scale joint presentations from Asia in particular were the major factors influencing this result.

"The registration figures provide compelling proof that more than substantiates the status of the fair as the world's No. 1 event for the print and media industry," asserted Michael Degen - Executive Director, Messe Duesseldorf GmbH. "The complete palette of the global market's offerings and each link in the value chain, from design to the finished printed product, will be showcased in Düsseldorf. Industry leaders and global players will share the floor with small, innovative companies at drupa," continued Dornscheidt.

What's more, the registration results also reflect the industry's development. "What's most striking is the boost in participation by suppliers of digital solutions. Compared to drupa 2004, this focal area will swell significantly and take on a key role in the fair's overall concept," commented Wilfried Schaefer - Managing Director, German Printing and Paper, Technology Association (VDMA).

TechNova at drupa 2008

TechNova @ drupa 2008 TechNova will have its biggest stall at drupa 2008, measuring 217 square metres (Hall 8a, Stall no. B47). Salim Giga - Director - International Affairs of TechNova Imaging Systems Pvt Ltd stated his company will have its biggest ever stall at drupa 2008.

He urged the drupa authorities to simplify things for Indian stalls and the 15,000 strong contingent of visitors. He hoped there would be easy process for visa applications; an Indian lounge; information kiosks in Indian languages; as well as availability of vegetarian food.

Salim Giga presented the strengths of the Print Industry of India.

He began by saying, "Today, India is the sixth biggest economy of the world, and is at the threshold of a bigger and better future."

He touched upon the importance of the Indian print media in sustaining a rigorous, vibrant democracy. He carried on, "65% of Indians are literate and the Indian Media is spreading knowledge, as well as, creating awareness amongst people. It is providing newspapers printed with the help of latest machines and techniques in more than 22 languages at the lowest cover price."

Giga underscored the importance of Indo-German relations. He pointed out "The recent visit of the German Chancellor to India has ushered in a new era of strategic and economic cooperation."

He celebrated the fact that the packaging industry - besides adhering to international standards - is showing a healthy growth of 25%.

He pointed out that India has about 130,000 printers, a workforce of 1.3 million, 18 printing engineering colleges, several diploma schools and print training institutions which create a trained workforce of more than 2000 graduates every year.

He elaborated that there was a 600 million strong readership of newspapers, books, advertisement brochures etc, which has given a huge forward thrust to the printing industry in India.

It is worth noting that as per the NOP Survey, the printing media is strongest in India and the time Indians spend with some forms of publications (10 hours, 42 minutes per week), is more than the people from 29 other countries.

Giga added that publishing in India is concomitant with the growth of educational and research facilities in the country. More than 16,000 publishers in India produce nearly 70,000 new titles every year in English, Hindi and 18 regional languages. About 45% of these books are in the English language. India is the third largest English speaking country in the world publishing English language titles of books, after UK and USA.

Altogether, Indian books, journals and job printing etc. are exported to over 120 countries of the world, to both developed and developing countries. The exports of Indian books, printed pamphlets and material are on the rise.

During the last three years alone, the export of books and pamphlets have gone up by 62%, the job printing by 67% and printed materials by 25%.

Stressing on the growth of newspapers, he stated, "The Indian Newspaper Industry is the fastest growing newspaper economy in the Asia Pacific region with 5,600 dailies, 15,000 weeklies and 20,000 periodicals in 21 languages, and with a combined circulation of 142 million. There are 70,000 titles published in 24 different languages every year. The Indian Newspaper Industry had a turnover of US$ 1.84 billion in 2004 and is growing at a compound average rate of 6.9%."

India's top 10 newspapers added over 2.3 million copies to their total circulation and over 5 million readers over the last two years.

TechNova @ drupa 2004

During drupa 2004, TechNova had created waves with its polyester CtP plates. Not just that, it had made three significant annoucements:

Thermostar TN : The Thermal CtP plate was launched
Thermostar TN was available for India and SAARC nations
Thermostar TN was endorsed by leading CtP users in India

TechNova was present in Hall 6, the PrintCity Hall. They launched their new thermal plate, which will be available for India and SAARC nations. The plate had endorsements from all the leading CtP users in India.

One of the stars of drupa 2004 was: TechNova's PoliJet System. The demos this new revolutionary solution were a huge success. The plate and machine performance was superb.

The point is that printing is an art. It needs to be nurtured carefully. The paper, board, and inks have improved enormously as has the colour processing. Now with TechNova's PoliJet System, the printer can produce high quality print jobs with relative ease. Printers can achieve a high standard with the right software.

The international media was impressed with "the first-in-the-world innovation from TechNova".

PoliJet is a no-process polyester offset plate that can be imaged on a standard inkjet printer and taken directly to the press for printing medium-run, four-colour work, without any processing, in any format. Team TechNova demonstrated four-colour jobs can be imaged on the plate using a wide format piezo inkjet printer. These imaged plates went directly to the press without any chemical processing.


The guiding principle in implementing the sectoral breakdown is a focus on demand-oriented presentation that takes into account visitors' needs. In other words, organising drupa according to the most intuitive and transparent plan. The two new halls, 8a and 8b, in the north of the fairgrounds have a key role to play as they will primarily house exhibitors whose product portfolios hinge on digital solutions (e.g. Xerox, HP-Indigo, Agfa-Gevaert, Fujifilm, TechNova). The same thematic focus will also spill over into the closest neighbouring Halls 5 and 9 (e.g. Kodak, Konica Minolta, Ricoh).

The other drupa 2008 cornerstones are:

Halls 1 and 2: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Polar-Mohr
Halls 3 and 4: printing, materials, services
Hall 6: PrintCity and other international exhibitors active in print finishing
Halls 10 to 12: paper converting, packaging production (e.g. Bobst, E.C.H. Will, Bielomatik)
Halls 12 to 14: bookbinding, print finishing (e.g. Müller Martini, Horizon)
Halls 15 to 17: printing machinery, bookbinding and finishing (e.g. Koenig & Bauer AG, Ferag AG, Windmöller & Hölscher, Kolbus, Mitshubishi, Komori, Ryobi, Cerrutti)

Comprehensive knowledge transfer via a specialist ancillary programme, the clearest possible structure of the offerings is one objective; another is a comprehensive transfer of knowledge. "We want to support drupa visitors - to take them by the hand, in a manner of speaking, and offer them assistance," said Manuel Mataré, outlining the organiser's aims in the extensive specialist ancillary programme. "The launch of the most varied informative events at the last drupa was a great success and confirmed that we are on the right track and should continue in this direction with drupa," explained Mr. Mataré. To this end, plans are underway for the drupa innovation parc, for instance, which will be coordinated by ZIPCON Consulting and serve as a forum for innovative new technologies. With the whole of Hall 7 dedicated to it, the "dip" will not only comprise such building blocks as workflow, publishing, PDF, XML, etc., but also poly-sectoral topics which will be addressed in the "printbuyer integration parc". There, a direct appeal will be made to the print industry customers for the first time.

Aside from a comprehensive information programme - which will run on two stages - and tours through the "dip", there will also be a look ahead to tomorrow's media and futuristic production processes. Following the successful debut in 2004, drupa 2008 in cooperation with CIP4 will once again set up a special JDF area. The JDF experience parc and JDF experience theatre will introduce the latest developments in this field. Also in the pipeline are the Compass Sessions, which the Bundesverband Druck und Medien (German Printing and Media Industries Federation) is conducting as an expert start to a drupa day, in addition to the Highlights Tours organised by Deutscher Drucker trade journal.