Elite Launched In India, The World's Best Thermal Plate... Made in India, with Pride & Precision!

Elite Launched In India, The World's Best Thermal Plate... Made in India, with Pride & Precision!

April 22, 2010, Mumbai

Click here to view Elite Advertisement TechNova, one of the world's largest manufacturers of offset plates and chemicals has launched "Elite", the most robust and versatile thermal digital plate in the world. Elite won the industry’s most coveted GATF InterTech Award in 2007, an ultimate recognition of its breakthrough technology. Elite is now manufactured in India by TechNova, under a technical collaboration with Agfa Graphics, N.V.

Rajesh Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, CtP Solutions (Commercial) states, "Elite is fast becoming the preferred brand of thermal plate for packaging and commercial printers, as well as newspaper and magazine printers, who require high resolution long-runs without baking. Under recommended press conditions, the unbaked Elite plate is capable of achieving run lengths of 350,000+ with conventional inks and an unbeatable 100,000+ with UV-inks. If required, the plate can be baked to further increase its run-length by 50% - 100%. This is made possible by the plate’s highly chemical resistant top layer, which makes it the perfect choice for disruption-free, high resolution printing.

The new Elite plate can achieve a dot resolution of 1% - 99% at 200 lpi screen. It is also capable of FM & :Sublima 280 imaging and delivers print results of stunning quality. The high speed plate emulsion makes Elite one of the fastest thermal plates in the market. Elite is extremely easy-to-image and can be conveniently handled under daylight conditions. Elite has a wide latitude guaranteeing consistent reproduction and print quality and tolerates slight variations in exposure and processing conditions.

Printers who have wanted to “Go Green” will find this plate ideal, as this plate is perfectly compatible with alcohol-free founts. This will help printers reduce their impact on the environment, without risking the fear of plate failures. The rapid clean-up properties of the plate on the press, with cold as well as warm startups, minimize start-up paper waste and machine downtime. Furthermore, the elimination of pre-heating and post-baking steps helps printers reduce costs and energy consumption significantly. Elite is accredited for use with all leading brands of thermal platesetters and processors.

Elite is the latest addition to the wide range of Thermal products already offered by TechNova. In fact, TechNova began its own CtP journey seven years ago, by offering Indian printers ThermoStar TN, the world’s fastest imaging Thermal CtP plate of the time and ThermoStar News, a thermal plate designed specifically for newspaper applications. Both plates are 830 nm positive-acting plates, based on an innovative thermal technology developed and patented by Agfa.

To ensure optimum plate performance, TechNova offers complete solutions for all CtP technologies viz. Thermal, Violet, UV, Inkjet and Laser-printer imageable plates. TechNova’s CtP solutions are customised to suit not only each segment of the printing industry (such as packaging, newspaper, security, large & small offset commercial printing), but also individual printing organisations’ specific needs. The CtP solutions include complete customised workflows, platesetters, processors and proofing systems. Under exclusive alliances, TechNova sources the required components from global leaders such as Agfa, FFEI, High Water, Dainippon Screen, Heights, Glunz & Jensen, Proteck.

Swarnangka Samaddar, General Manager, CtP Solutions explains : “We work with our customers aspiring to embark upon their CtP journey by helping them to assess their specific current & future needs and devising a CtP roadmap collaboratively with them. We offer total service including site layout & specifications for CtP system operations, pre-installation inspection, installation and post-installation engineering support, and most importantly hands-on training. Our systems are backed by 24x7 engineering and applications support. Against specific requests, we undertake plant audits and conduct Kaizen programs.

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