AkronGold : The Gold Standard among Fountain Solutions

AkronGold : The Gold Standard among Fountain Solutions
TechNova’s best-in-class fountain solution becomes the choice for quality-conscious printers

August 15, 2010, Mumbai

Click here to view AkronGold Advertisement TechNova offers Indian printers AkronGold, the latest premium, plate safe fountain solution concentrate for sheet-fed offset presses with alcohol and integrated dampening systems. It is a best-in-class fountain solution that offers the longest bath-life and lowest cost-per-print. Since its introduction, AkronGold has been successfully meeting the needs of quality-conscious printers across India. Over a hundred satisfied customers, who have shifted to AkronGold in the past few months, bear testimony to this.

AkronGold combines benefits of supreme stability and highest possible quality output in one single package. It offers controlled wetting with zero-foam, and is 100% compatible with both IPA and IPA substitute products, like TechNova’s AlcoZAP. It is universally compatible to get the best out of analog plates as well as thermal, violet and UV digital plates. It also offers exceptionally stable ink-water balance for consistent print quality throughout the print-run. At the same time, its strong biocidal system also ensures improved productivity and optimal maintenance. Also, being VOC-free, it is ideal for a cleaner, safer and greener pressroom.

Chris Searle, Technical Director - Chemicals, TechNova, said, “AkronGold has a lot of great benefits to offer printers, and is designed to make pressroom workflow smooth and hassle-free. AkronGold offers printers a never before ‘Dose & Forget’ convenience due to its exceptional wetting stability & very high levels of plate protection agents, at a low cost-in-use. This will allow printers to concentrate on producing high-quality prints, rather than worrying about ink-water balance.”

AkronGold is developed and manufactured in the same state-of-the-art facility where TechNova plates are manufactured. Deepak Chawla, GM – Marketing, Plates & Chemicals, said as a result of this the R&D team for both plates and chemicals worked closely with each other to ensure that both are perfectly compatible, without compromising on the high-quality standards that customers have come to associate with TechNova. Moreover, he added that, since it is a TechNova product, printers are guaranteed 24x7 technical support during and post installation.

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