TechNova pioneers the Green Revolution in the Indian printing industry

TechNova pioneers the Green Revolution in the Indian printing industry
October 2, 2010, Mumbai

Click here to view Elite Advertisement TechNova, one of the world's largest manufacturers of offset plates and chemicals, has recently launched "VioGreen", India's first and only chem-free Violet CtP Plate.

As the name suggests, VioGreen is an eco-friendly plate, as it totally eliminates the use of water and developer for processing the plate. A printer only needs to only image and gum the plate and it's ready to go to press. This revolutionary new plate is yet another initiative from TechNova's "Go Green" mission, to introduce eco-friendly products for the printing industry that minimize the negative impact on the environment.

VioGreen is made in India in technical collaboration with Agfa. It combines outstanding lithographic quality with easy handling and excellent durability. Since it is chemistry-free and there is no use of developer, it eliminates the main variable affecting image consistency. With the VioGreen plate, printers can print 1% - 99% dots at 200 lpi AM & 340 lpi Hybrid screen rulings. Under recommended conditions, the chem-free plate can deliver over 200,000 flawless impressions.

Features & Benefits of VioGreen in brief :

  • Eliminates use of water & developer from processing; minimizes environmental impact.
  • Eliminate pre-wash; makes the plate imaging process extremely simple and reliable
  • Wider disposing latitude; allows for easier disposal process since developer is eliminated
  • Smaller footprint of processor; saves space
  • Reduces cleaning of processor; saves time and money

Indian newspapers Go Green with VioGreen

Mahesh Kadaba, Chief Operating Officer, Newspaper Group states, "VioGreen is designed to offer outstanding plate performance at a low cost of operation, and it is a testimony to TechNova's commitment to the printing industry to help them Go Green. During beta-testing at various newspaper sites in India, VioGreen has proved its capability beyond doubt. The plate is compatible with all mainstream Violet CtP units currently in use at newspaper printing sites, emitting at least 30mW."

VioGreen can be processed in virtually all existing photopolymer processors in the market, without the need for traditional photopolymer developer. Kadaba also added that existing Violet processors can be instantly modified on-site, to bypass the rinse and developer bath cycles, so that printers do not need to worry about investing in a new processor for their presses.

Despite being a chemistry-free plate, the plate feels, behaves and works just like any other metal offset plate, and would be readily accepted by press operators. The plate is gummed with standard plate gum, and requires only a pre-heat and gumming station.

Rajesh Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, CtP Systems (Commercial), TechNova, also commented that following the encouraging results in the Newspaper segment, and the well-known success of Agfa's Azura V, the chem-free Violet plate in the commercial segment in Europe, TechNova is now in the process of launching VioGreen for commercial printers.

Positive Reviews from Customers

Some of the newspapers that have successfully tested the VioGreen plate on their sites include the BCCL Group, Dainik Bhaskar and Indian Express. The response for VioGreen at all sites was very positive. In a recent interview, Mr. Vasudevan, Deputy Director - Technical & Mr. Jibu James, AGM Corporate, BCCL Group, had expressed their opinion that in the near future almost 50% of BCCL's production would be on chemistry-free violet plates. They also shared that the VioGreen tests carried out at their sites have been successful, and the results were at par with conventional CtP plates. They also appreciated the fact the there would be no hassles of disposing chemistry, since VioGreen plates eliminated the need for developer.

Mr. R.D. Bhatnagar, Chief Technical Officer, DBCL, commended TechNova's Go Green mission, and called it a step in the right direction. He also stated that the VioGreen plates, which were tested successfully at Dainik Bhaskar, are a very good example of TechNova's commitment to the Go Green initiative, as it helped eliminate chemistry as well as save water.

TechNova's Violet Portfolio

VioGreen is the latest addition to TechNova's existing portfolio of Violet CtP products. TechNova already offers a full range of Violet CtP solutions, comprising of :

  • Platesetters : Full range of platesetters from entry-level to high-end automated. Powered by Agfa, FFEI & Screen
  • Processors : Wide range of processors from low-cost to heavy-duty. Powered by Glunz & Jensen and Proteck
  • Workflows : State-of-the-art, scalable workflows solutions, customised for every application. Includes Apogee from Agfa; Trueflow & Pixel Stream from Screen; Navigator RIP from Harlequin; inp02 PRO from Dynagram; & PostRip from Brainnew
  • Chemistry : Comprehensive range of pre-press and pressroom chemicals, aimed at helping the print industry reduce its impact on the environment

The Violet CtP solutions from TechNova offer significant benefits to any printer who is looking to streamline, simplify and reduce costs. Moreover, the chemistry-free operation increases the green credentials of any printer keen to reduce their environmental impact.

Total CtP Solutions from TechNova

TechNova offers complete solutions for all CtP technologies viz. Thermal, Violet, UV, Inkjet and Laser-printer imageable plates. TechNova's CtP solutions are customised to suit not only each segment of the printing industry (such as packaging, newspaper, security, large & small offset commercial printing), but also individual printing organisations' specific needs. The CtP solutions include complete customised workflows, platesetters, processors and proofing systems. Under exclusive alliances, TechNova sources the required components from global leaders such as Agfa, FFEI, Dainippon Screen, Glunz & Jensen, Proteck.

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