Anti-curl, rigid stand banner media from TechNova

Anti-curl, rigid stand banner media from TechNova

Over the past few years, Digital Print Media displays have virtually sprung up everywhere and the demand for Digital Print media is booming. Some common reasons are:

  • Displays on Digitally Printed media are sharper and more vibrant
  • Outputs can be printed in various sizes
  • Media is available in non-adhesive as well as self-adhesive variants, to suit different applications
However, even a simple signage display, such as a stand-up or roll-up banner often looks shabby and unprofessional, if not done right. In the case of banner media, curling of the media is one of the biggest problems. Every brand manager & PSP has faced this before. A banner which looks nice and flat before it is put up on the stand, starts to curl at the edges. In addition to curling, other problems that arise when using ordinary flex or banner media include:

  • Fraying of the media due to untrimmed edges
  • Distortions in the media
  • Tilting / leaning of the banner either forward or backward, due to non-rigid media

BannerSatin PVC Media from TechNova

TechNova has introduced a media that promises to eliminate these problems once and for all.NovaSign BannerSatin PVC 200 (SRB 7008) is set to change the look of indoor and outdoor banner signage completely. It is a tear-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride media for digital printing, using most current technologies i.e. eco-solvent, solvent, UV, Screen and Latex.

The media has a thicker base as compared to ordinary banner media available in the market. The special anti-curl feature allows the media to stay still and rigid, once it is fixed into the roll-up or stand banners. This ensures that the feel and the finish of the media is of the highest standard at all times, even months after the media have been fixed on the banner. At the same time, the media can be easily rolled up and transported anywhere without any problems!

Some of the other advantages that make NovaSign BannerSatin PVC 200 (SRB 7008) an ideal choice for stand-up and roll-up banners are:

  • High opacity for limited show-through
  • High-whiteness for wide colour gamut and deep rich colours
  • High image definition and line clarity for better resolution and sharper images

Shankar Raman, General Manager, Sales, states, “This is the only banner media which is compatible with all technologies – eco-solvent, solvent UV, screen and latex printing. This makes it convenient for PSPs with multiple technology printers installed, to use a single media, thereby reducing the cost of stocking various media for same application. This also ensures that end users get a media of consistent quality and finish.

Banner and Poster Media : Dual Purpose Media

This revolutionary media is very versatile, as it can be used as a poster media as well, in combination with TechNova’s Ezee Mount Solution. The thicker base of the media allows PSPs to mount the printed poster / signage directly on to the surface where they are to be displayed, with the help of any good quality TechNova recommended double-sided tape.

Thus, NovaSign BannerSatin PVC 200 (SRB 7008) completely eliminates the need for pasting prints on separate mounting board, reducing fabrication costs and time. Since fixing the double sided tape on to the media is as simple as sticking tape on to any surface, the job can be done in a matter of minutes, without the need for any skilled personnel. The mounting tape can easily support the lightweight media, and there is no risk of the media falling off.

The benefit of using NovaSign BannerSatin PVC 200 (SRB 7008) as compared to ordinary banner media such as flex, or Chinese PP media is quite significant. The rigid media does not require multiple reprints like other media that start curling and sagging soon after being put up. No doubt, messages on stand banners printed on NovaSign media create a longer lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

Appreciated by Customers

Many PSPs who have tried this media have also given it a ‘Thumbs Up’. Mr. Paul Zachariah, Director from M/s Digital Imaging Inc., Bangalore, who has used the media in his print applications, is very positive about it. Mr. Zachariah says, “We have used SRB 7008 for Stand Banner for leading corporate and we have found the product (NovaSign BannerSatin PVC 200) excellent for this application. The printability is comparable to any international brand and is easy to handle.”

Like Mr. Paul, hundreds of other PSPs have discovered the benefits of using this media, and have switched over to NovaSign BannerSatin PVC 200. And undoubtedly, many more are yet to follow…

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