Uchitha Graphic Printer's Violet CtP Journey with TechNova

Uchitha Graphic Printer's Violet CtP Journey with TechNova
Reaping the benefits of the VioStar CtP Solution

Mr. Prabhu of Uchitha Graphics with the VioStar FA8 system
Mr. Prabhu of Uchitha Graphics with the VioStar FA8 system
It has been almost 10 months that Mumbai-based commercial printers, Uchitha Graphic Printers, have upgraded their prepress workflow to CtP by investing in a new VioStar FA8 platesetter from TechNova. The quality-conscious printers are mainly into commercial jobs, magazines and book printing. They specialize in jobs involving numbering and online bar coding. Over the past few years, Uchitha Graphics have seen a systematic growth. Today, their units at Mumbai & Navi Mumbai boast of a wide range of machines for all sizes that include two 2-colour machines; two 4-colour machines; one 4-colour web machine and two 5-colour machines.

Single Point Solutions Provider
Mr. Prabhu of Uchitha Graphics explained that the company has always positioned themselves as a Single Point Solutions Provider for their customers, and for this reason, they offer a whole list of services that include:
  • Designing and DtP
  • Printing
  • Laminating &
  • Binding
About a year back, Uchitha decided to invest in a CtP system, to meet the increased demand for high-quality jobs, and to enhance productivity. Given the importance they placed on being recognised as a one-stop-shop for their customers, this move to CtP was a natural progression for them. Mr. Prabhu, explains, "Earlier, we would get our plates made from local CtP bureaus. We were always uncomfortable with that, as platemaking was the only activity that we were outsourcing. Since we offer all services in-house, we were keen on having the platemaking unit in-house as well."

Thermal or Violet ?
Uchitha had a choice of going for either thermal or violet CtP. Earlier, when they were outsourcing their plates, they mostly used ThermoStar TN Thermal plates. However, Mr. Prabhu states that most of their jobs were having print runs of 50,000 plus, and some even went as far as a lakh and a half. They turned to TechNova, their supplier of analog and digital plates for advice. Since most of their jobs required longer run-lengths, TechNova introduced, explained, demonstrated and suggested Violet technology to Uchitha. The Uchitha team were quite impressed with violet technology, as they found it ideal for their operations. During their research they had also observed that while using thermal plates, they had to add an extra step of baking the plates in order to achieve their required run-length. This was not required in Violet plates. This tilted their decision towards violet.

Partnering with TechNova
Having decided the technology they wanted to go for, they chose to partner with TechNova in their CtP journey. TechNova had been supplying them with analog plates and chemicals for several years, and over the years they had built an excellent relationship with TechNova. They have never faced any supply issues with TechNova products and were very confident with their choice. They tested out TechNova's VioStar Violet plates and found them to be very robust and ideal for longer run-lengths, getting upto 1,50,000 impressions on their presses. This further confirmed their choice of Violet plates for their press.

When it came to the equipment as well, Uchitha decided that TechNova would be the best choice as the vendor. After several discussions with the TechNova team, Uchitha opted for the VioStar FA8 platesetter, which is powered by FFEI, one of the world's leading platesetter manufacturers. The 8-up platesetter allows them to image upto 20 plates per hour, of all sizes. This was critical as it ensured that their productivity always remained at the optimum levels and they did not lose any time on account of plate preparation.

The VioStar CtP solution chosen by Uchitha included :
  • VioStar FA8 platesetter
  • VioStar plates
  • Imposition software
  • Recommended chemistry from TechNova
  • TechNova's unparalled customer reach and 24x7 local support
Reaping the Benefits of VioStar
The team at Uchitha believes that the biggest benefit of setting up the VioStar solution inhouse has been that they no longer have to rely on external agencies for their plates. Outsourcing of plates has been totally eliminated, and this has resulted in considerable savings in terms of time and energy, and they now have complete control over their jobs. Mr. Prabhu states, "The VioStar CtP system with VioStar plates, backed by TechNova's Total Tech Support, was a logical choice for us, as we have been working with TechNova for the past 25 years. We have built a level of trust with them. Whenever we have required any technical support, their experts have always given us prompt assistance. Even during the installation of our CtP system, their technical team was here the whole time to ensure that everything went off smoothly and to train our operators". This ensured that the print house did not lose any time and business during the installation process. Since the installation, the team at Uchitha has been extremely pleased with the performance of the system.

Talking about the difference in quality between Thermal and Violet, Mr. Prabhu stated that having used both thermal and violet technology for their jobs, he has not observed any noticeable difference between the quality offered by both the technologies and are more than satisfied with output from the VioStar system and plates.

Today, Uchitha Graphics image around 100-125 plates a day, and have switched over 100% to Violet plates. For the future, they have plans to upgrade their systems and machines to increase their efficiency and productivity even further. Firm believers in using eco-friendly products such as VOC-free washes and Alco-free founts in their press, the Uchitha team are looking forward test the chem-free Violet plate VioGreen, from TechNova. Mr. Prabhu strongly recommends the VioStar system for other commercial printers who want to increase their quality and productivity.

Truly, Uchitha is yet another success story for VioStar from TechNova...!

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