TechNova’s CtP Installations reach Awesome heights!

TechNova's CtP Installations reach Awesome heights!

With its latest Violet installation, TechNova's CtP installed base has crossed 250 installations, in just under 2 years. Today, the total number of CtP systems installed and serviced by TechNova has crossed over 800. This includes the impressive figure of 413 PoliJet Inkjet CtP installations across India, which clearly makes TechNova the most preferred provider of CtP solutions in India today.

TechNova offers Commercial, Newspaper and Packaging printers a full range of CtP solutions, right from Entry-level and Mid-range systems to High-end solutions. It markets a full range of CtP platesetters and processors from leading equipment manufacturers, including Agfa, Dotline, Epson, FFEI, Glunz & Jensen and Screen. TechNova is the only company in the world to offer solutions for all CtP technologies available : Thermal, Violet, UV, Inkjet. As part of its 'Go Green' Mission, the company also offers chem-free and process-free CtP solutions to help printers reduce their impact on the environment.

Recently, TechNova further consolidated its position as the leading CtP solutions provider in the Indian sub-continent, by recruiting a dedicated team of engineers, specially trained by leading equipment manufactuers to service their CtP equipment in India. According to Swarnangka S, General Manager, CtP Systems, TechNova, "With the addition of the new team of engineers, we now have the biggest and the best talent pool of engineers for servicing CtP Systems from all leading equipment manufacturers, including Agfa, FFEI, Screen, Dotline".

He stressed that what differentiates them from other CtP vendors in the Indian market is that they offer complete hand-holding and support during the technology transition process. TechNova also offers a complete range of Value Added Services that help printers run their businesses at the highest levels of efficiency. These Services range from formulating a CtP roadmap, to installation and commissioning the CtP system to post-installation training & hand-holding. He added, TechNova also provides on-demand engineering and tech support services, undertaking Annual Maintenance Contracts, as well as maintaining an inventory of spare parts for quick replacement.