Transfero : A complete dye-sub printing solution from TechNova

Transfero : A complete dye-sub printing solution from TechNova
TechNova, has recently introduced a complete range of products for dye-sublimation printing, under the brand name “Transfero”. The “Transfero” dye-sub solution includes a comprehensive range of products, specially designed for heat-transfer applications using desktop and large-format printers.

The Transfero range of dye-sub products can be used for several design transfer applications such as transfers on T-shirts, ceramic mugs, tiles, plates, coasters, mouse pads, hard substrates like MDF, wood boards, stones, metal, toughened glass and many more substrates. The complete basket of dye-sub products includes :

  • NovaQuip Transfero Heat Press System :

  • NovaQuip Transfero Heat Press System

    At the heart of the Transfero Dye-sub Solutions is the NovaQuip Transfero Heat Press System (HPS). The special table-top, multi-function combination Heat Press system, comes with 8 different attachments to take care of most transfer requirements, including transfers on round and conical mugs, bottles, different-sized plates, flat subtrates and even caps and fabrics. Together with the other Transfero products, the HPS ensures that printers are guaranteed excellent dye-sub transfers every time!

    In addition, TechNova also offers a full range of consumables for dye-sub heat transfer printing process. These are :

  • NovaInk Transfero Inks:

  • NovaInk Transfero Inks

    A set of aqueous, dye-based, disperse inks for dye-sub transfers, that can be used with regular desktop and large-format inkjet printers using piezo heads.

  • NovaJet Transfero Dye-Sub Media:

  • NovaJet Transfero Dye-Sub Media

    Specially coated transfer papers, designed for aqueous dye-sub inkjet printing and transfers on textiles and hard ceramic surfaces. This media range provides brilliant transferred optical density on substrates, and ensure true colours, no bleeding and sharp image transfers.

  • NovaSol Transfero Coating Resin :

  • NovaSol Transfero Coating Resin

    Specially formulated dye-sub resin for coating blank hard substrates, such as ceramics, glass metal and hardwood, making them suitable for receiving dye-sub image transfers.

According to Mr. Abhay Kasture, Product Manager, TechNova,
dye-sub printing has become increasingly popular for the gifts and promotional products industry in recent years. He states, “Only TechNova offers printers a complete package of Dye-sub products and services, so that customers don’t have to run around to different vendors for their requirements. Moreover, with TechNova’s wide distribution network and sales team, customers are guaranteed quick after sales service”.

Mr. Thygarajan Iyer, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Imaging & Positive Solutions, Digital Print Media, adds, “The Transfero range of products is ideal for anybody who is interested in establishing a dye-sub printing set-up, with a minimal investment cost and fuss. We have already seen a hugely popular response for the same in the past, at various exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore and even Sri Lanka. And we are sure that this interest in the system will continue even in the future.”

For more information on how to you can set up a dye-sub transfer unit, with TechNova’s Transfero Dye-sub product range, please click here :Transfero Dye-Sublimation Solutions.

Or you can also contact : Mr. Shetal Shah on +91 (0) 93273 38142