NovaInk TM Versa
Product Description & Application
NovaInk Versa is a highly versatile sheet-fed offset ink for trouble-free performance on a wide variety of paper and boards. It is a fast setting and quick drying ink, suitable for both, latest and older generation presses.
Features & Benefits
Excellent ink-water balance; reduces frequent adjustments on press
Duct-fresh ink; reduces ink wastage and unproductive time spent in washing the press; saves time, money and labour
Low dot gain; ensures sharp image reproduction even in areas of heavy ink coverage
Short setting time; makes it ideal for quick work-and-turn of printed sheets
High rub resistance; allows printed sheets to be handled without damaging the print
Low tack ink; makes it suitable for printing on papers of low grammage
Substrate Compatibility
Glossy Coated paper & board Uncoated paper & board Matt coated paper & board
 Highly Recommended     Recommended     Workable     Non Workable   
2.5kg Vacuum Pack, 10kg per box
Storage Conditions
Store containers in a clear and cool area. Keep containers closed.