NovaInk TM Metallica
Product Description & Application
NovaInk Metallica is a heatset web offset ink, designed for printers who demand high-speed printability on a wide range of paper choices with strong colors and excellent drying properties. This is suitable for both Conventional and Alcohol dampening systems. It can be used for Glazed newsprint and LWC Paper.
Features & Benefits
Excellent drying properties; reduces marking on printed sheets at the delivery unit.
New formulation; produces cleaner & brighter colors.
Excellent litho property allows fast Ink-water balance; reduces start-up waste.
New resin technology; allows smooth lay of ink in solids and sharp dots in halftones.
Low misting; allows to maintain a clean and healthy working environment.
Printing condition
Preferably AC unit; web temperature of 110° C
Substrate Compatibility
Standard News print Maplitho Glazed News Print LWC Paper
 Highly Recommended     Recommended     Workable     Non Workable   
20 Kg Plastic container
200 Kg Barrel
Storage Conditions
Store containers in a clear and cool area. Keep containers closed