NovaDom USR
A Short-run Printers Delight!
Product Description & Application
NovaDom Universal Short Run (USR) is a polyester plate for sheet-fed small offset printing. It can be imaged directly through a laser printer or copier and does not require any exposing or processing. Just mount the plate on the press and print. NovaDom USR is ideally suitable for short run print applications such as Bill books, Sales literatures, Memorandums and Stationery.
Features & Benefits
Double sided plate to facilitate imaging & printing on either side
Inventive surface coating to give run-length up to 2000 impressions from each side of the plate
Unique EzeeKleen formulation for scum-free background during start-up and press stoppages
Innovative AntiGrease layer safeguards the surface from finger prints or marks
User-friendly QuicKling treatment that ensures that the plate fits closely around the cylinder, facilitating quick make readies
Universally compatible with most laser printers and photo copiers#
(# for best results TechNova recommends imaging of plate through HP 5000 series laser printers)
Product Specification
Dimensionally stable polyester film
Total Thickness
100 microns (±3 mic)
Double side coated. Either side application
Print Run*
2000 impressions form each side.
Plate Sizes
216 mm x 368 mm, 216 mm x 394 mm, 225 mm x 368 mm
254 mm x 381 mm, 260 mm x 400 mm
(Also available in custom sizes on request)
Available Packing
100, 500 sheets
One year from the date of manufacture when stored in
original packing at 20-25oC and 50-65% RH.
Fusing of the Plate
For optimum print runs fuse (bake) the plate at 150oC for 30 seconds
on each side.
* Print run is dependent and subject to recommended press conditions.
Work Flow
Conventional v/s CtPoli Laser System