NovaEnhancerTM System
For enhancing the image density of the laser printer film
Product Description & Application
NovaEnhancer System is a unit which provides easy solution to evenly enhance the image quality of the NovaSharp films. Fill the NovaDense Plus image density booster solution into the NovaEnhancer System tray and pass the imaged NovaSharp film through it for desired result. This process increases the image density of the film >2.5 Maximum Density (subject to quality of the toner).
NovaEnhancer System is ideally suitable for (enhancing the film density) Newspapers, Book Publications, Continuous Forms, Screens, Flexo blocks and much more.
Features & Benefits
Processing the imaged NovaSharp film through NovaEnhancer System improves image density comparable to silver based film
It provides an even enhancement of the image, when compared to manual enhancement process
Specially designed rollers to squeeze out excess NovaDense Plus solution from the film
Easy to use system. Does not require any training of the operator
Simple to operate. Just plug to an electrical point and start using
Product Specification
Dimension L x W x H
700 mm x 200 mm x 250 mm
8.35 Kg
Maximum Speed
20 rpm
Power Input
5 Amp
Maximum Media Size
Upto 13 inches width
How it works
Print the image on NovaSharp Film using recommended laser printer
Fill approximately 300ml of NovaDense Plus solution into the solution tray of NovaEnhancer System
Switch on the NovaEnhancer System
Pass the imaged film through the NovaEnhancer System with the toner side facing down. Ensure the film is loaded straight
Allow the enhanced film to roll out of the NovaEnhancer System completely
Fan-dry the enhanced film by holding it from the edge. Do not touch the image while it is still wet, as this can leave finger marks on the image
The enhanced film is now ready to use, for exposing the offset plates or screens
Usage Instructions
Drain the excess NovaDense Plus solution into its original bottle using the drain pipe provided with the NovaEnhancer System
Wipe clean the rollers and the solution tray with a damp cloth
Unplug the System from its power supply