PosiJet HD
"NoProcess" High Density Inkjet CtPolyester Film for colour separations for Offset, Screen and Flexo applications
Product Description & Application
PosiJet HD (High Density) film is a high density polyester-based clear inkjet film for computer-to-film digital imaging using recommended inkjet printers. It is ideal for pleasing full-colour & screen positives in any size, with unbeatable value-for-money.
PosiJet HD film is designed to produce high-resolution instant-drying four-colour plate-ready positives in 2, 4 and 8 page formats, with UV density matching silver-based films. PosiJet HD can also be used for generating negatives. However, the ink consumption is significantly higher than that for making positives. When imaged on high-resolution pigment-based inkjet printers (e.g. Epson Stylus Pro 700 / 900 series), the patented ink-receiving layer ensures excellent reproduction of 2 - 98% dots at 2880 dpi, micro-fine lines and perfect solids. PosiJet HD offers the lowest cost computer-to-film solution, ideally suited for commercial printers, newspapers, book & magazine publishers, screen printers, flexo printers and several other applications currently using expensive silver-based films.
Features & Benefits
Specialised layer for good ink acceptance ensuring higher Dmax and at the same time ensuring Instant Drying
Roll media in different widths is capable to design , 2, 4 & 8 page format layouts.
Superior water resistance for longer life of printed image
Matte grain surface to ensure good vacuum and excellent image transfer. It also prevents sticking on exposure and ink transfer
Unique coating for single, spot & full-colour reproduction and accurate registration
Excellent dot sharpness and solid black reproduction for superior image quality
Totally dry Computer-to-Film-to-Plate process for saving on cost & time
Product Specification
Thermo-stabilised dimensionally stable polyester film
100 microns
Microporous matting grain surface
Background Density
0.19 ± 0.05
Ink Compatibility
Water based (pigment) inks
One year from date of manufacture when stored in original packing at 20-25oC and 50% RH
Available Sizes
420 mm x 30m, 432 mm x 30 m, 610 mm x 30 m, 720 mm x 30m, 914 mm x 30 m,
1067 mm x 30 m, 1118 mm x 30m, 1219 mm x 30 m, 1372 mm x 30 m & 1524 mm x 30m
Also available in custom size rolls on request
Normal air-conditioned office environment, away from excessive heat & humidity
Usage Instructions
Design the job using standard DTP software
Image the film using the recommended inkjet printer.
Expose & process the plate or screen using the PosiJet HD positive film
Work Flow