NovaSolTM 730
Product Description & Application
NovaSol 730 is a high quality, pigmented aqueous emulsion of water dispersible polymers and monomers, supplied with Diazo powder Sensitiser in a two-pack system. Recommended for textile printing using water based inks.
Turquoise blue colour Diazo emulsion
Phthalate free
Excellent print definition on a variety of meshes due to medium solid content and viscosity
Excellent exposure latitude
Textile emulsion resistant to water-based inks
Directions for use
Handle NovaSol 730 under yellow fluorescent tubes or low wattage Tungsten light. NovaSol 730 is supplied as a two-pack kit comprising the Emulsion and Sensitiser Powder.
Preparation of Sensitiser
Add lukewarm water 8 to 10 times directly to the Sensitiser Powder and shake well to ensure that the powder
dissolves completely
The prepared Sensitiser should be mixed with the emulsion immediately. Do not store Sensitiser mixed with water
Preparation of Coating emulsion
Pour the Sensitiser dissolved in water into the emulsion
Stir thoroughly for approximately 2-3 minutes to ensure that emulsion is sensitised uniformly. Allow the emulsion to de-gas for 1 hour so that the air bubbles disappear
Mesh Preparation
Thoroughly degrease the screen prior to application of the coating. Cleaned screens should be dried with a hot air blower prior to application of the emulsion. NovaSol 730 is best suited for polyester and nylon screens.
Coating & Drying
Stand the screen on edge, angled away from the operator and using a good quality coating-trough, proceed as follows :
Apply first coat on the squeegee side and allow to dry
Apply subsequent coats on the underside of the screen allowing adequate drying time for each coat
The screen should be dried horizontally, squeegee side up and stored under dark or yellow light conditions. Dry the screen at a maximum temperature of 30oC (86oF).
Achieving correct exposure is essential for optimum stencil performance. Under exposure will result in weak stencil with reduced resistance.
Remove dust from the surface of the stencil and tape the positive in position. Place entire screen in a suitable vacuum frame and expose. It is recommended to test exposures using exposure calculator to ascertain correct exposure time.
Washout and Drying
After exposure, wash out both sides of the screen under high-pressure spray of water. Continue the washout until all
parts of the image appear clean and sharp. Blot off surplus moisture with lint free blotting medium and dry at a maximum
temperature of 30oC (86oF).
Stencil on the finished screen can be hardened using NovaSol Hardner. Apply the hardener to both sides of the screen using sponge or soft cloth. Cure the stencil using an oven at temperatures ranging between 120 - 150oC for 30 minutes. Prior to use, rinse the cured screen with water and fan dry.
Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling
Protect from light including direct sunlight. Store at moderate temperatures in a dry, well ventilated area. Keep containers tightly closed. Use of hand gloves is recommended.
When sealed in the original container and stored in cool conditions, Products will maintain their original properties for 6 months from the date of manufacture. Shelf life of sensitized emulsion is 2 to 3 weeks if kept below 25oC.
1 & 5 kg
Avoid contact with skin and eyes
"Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet prior to the usage of the product".