DeepKleen Shampoo  TM
Product Description & Application
DeepKleen Shampoo is a premium, deep cleanser for restoration of ink acceptance, transfer and smoothness of roller surfaces.
Features & Benefits
Ready-to-use fluid.
Ensures thorough cleaning of undetectable deposits of residue on rollers that may be difficult to see by the naked eye without the swelling of rollers and blankets.
Forms efficient shampoo foam when mixed with water to enable single step cleaning of gum, lint, fluff and other water-soluble glaze build-up.
Dissolves residue from ink, paper and fountain solution without the need to remove the rollers from the machines.
Removes dried dispersion varnishes and residue caused by UV inks.
Cleans encrusted deposits, restores ink acceptance and resilience of roller surfaces.
Regular usage enhances the life of rollers and blankets.
Penetrates and replasticises roller surfaces for enhanced lifespan.
Usage Instructions
Clean off the ink using a regular press wash up solvent.
Apply DeepKleen Shampoo on the roller train and allow to run in for 2 to 3 minutes
Add sufficient quantity of plain water until cleaning foam is formed.
Fix the wash-up blade, clean off the foam, and rinse away the residue with water.
It is recommended to carefully clean off the residue with water at the end of the process in order to prevent oxidation on the cylinders and roller surface.
Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling
Protect from direct sunlight. Store at moderate temperatures in a dry, well-ventilated area. Keep the containers tightly closed when not in use.
12 months from the date of manufacture.
500 ml.
Keep away from sources of heat, sparks, open flame and static electricity charges.