Product Description & Application
AlcoZAP is a unique fountain solution additive that eliminates the need to use IPA / Isopropanol in the dampening systems. It is recommended for those committed to alcohol-free pressroom. For optimum performance, TechNova recommends using AlcoZAP with AkronGold fountain solution.
Features & Benefits
Low hazard additive, with high flash point of 60o C.
Eliminates the need of replenishment, which leads to reduced vapours in the pressroom.
Works well between 2% to 3% dosage, as against 6% to 12% of IPA, making it more cost effective.
AlcoZAP can be used on presses not equipped with chilling units.
The low dosage of AlcoZAP helps improve gloss when compared to IPA.
Usage Instructions
AlcoZAP should be added to the ready-to-use of fountain solution mixture. Ideally, the optimum dilution is determined by building up the concentration by starting with a minimum dilution of 1% up to a maximum of 4%. Overdosing of AlcoZAP should be prevented since this may cause image wear and related printing problems.
It is compatible with most dampening system designs and water conditions. The product is known to perform well with all fountain solution concentrates recommended for use with alcohol dampening systems, e.g. AkronGold.
Wet washing and gumming of the plate is recommended during press stoppages to minimise the possibility of image wear.
TechNova provides customised roadmaps for smooth and trouble-free transition from alcohol dampening to AlcoZAP. Please contact our Technical Sales Executive or HelpDesk.
Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling
Store at moderate temperatures in a dry, well-ventilated area. The use of gloves and safety goggles is recommended.
12 months from the date of manufacture.
5 & 20 litres .
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.