NovaNolTM Xtra
Product Description & Application
NovaNol Xtra is an additive for the fountain solution mixture, to be used in place of IPA.
Features & Benefits
Low odour IPA formulation.
Has characteristics similar to IPA (Isopropanol).
Compatible for use with all types of alchohol dampening systems.
Usage Instructions
Dosing depends upon press conditions.
Dilution may be altered to suit the requirements of the press, substrate type, inks and other variables.
Always ensure that NovaNol Xtra is added to the mixed fount solution and not to the concentrated fount.
Chilling and on-line replenishment are recommended to ensure consistency of performance and to prevent evaporation loss.
Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling
Store at moderate temperatures in a dry, well-ventilated area. Keep away from sources of heat, sparks, open flames and static electricity. Keep the containers tightly closed; when not in use. The use of gloves is recommended.
* 6 months for net content.
12 months for product performance.
20 & 210 litres.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Refer to MSDS for safe storage and handling.
* This product is highly evaporative in nature.