NovaJetTM TRANSFERO Paper - C 105
Dye-sublimation transfer paper for transfer on ceramics
Product Description & Application
NovaJet Transfero Paper - C 105 is a dye-sublimation heat transfer paper, coated on both sides with a unique layer, specially designed for aqueous dye-sublimation inkjet printing & transfers. It is most suitable for transfers on ceramics and hard surfaces like glass, ceramic tiles, mugs, plates and many other substrates. When printed with NovaInk Transfero aqueous dye-sublimation inks this paper gives unbeatable results!
Features & Benefits
Special coating provides brilliant transferred optical density on the fabrics/substrates.
Unique anti-curl back coating for lay-flat property.
Unique coating ensures true colours, no bleeding and sharp images on final substrates.
Minimum ink-bleed on base paper to give high colour intensity on transfer.
Short drying time to achieve high transfer rate.
Product Specification
Matte Finish
Total Thickness
105 gsm
Ink Compatibility
Compatible with most aqueous dye-sub inks.
Printer Compatibility
Compatible with most printers using piezo heads.
Available Packing
Available in sheets of A4 & A3 sizes and rolls of different lengths and widths upto 64"
Shelf Life
One year from date of manufacturing when stored in original packing at 20-25oC and 50-60% RH
Usage Instructions
Print image on NovaJet Transfero Paper C - 105 using any standard aqueous dye-sublimation inkjet printer. While printing, make sure that image is printed as mirror image
Cut the image borders if required.
Place the paper on the hard substrate, such as ceramic, glass, etc, and apply heat press.
Note: Recommended temperature for sublimation is 180oC for 75 seconds at 20 kgs pressure, using any standard transfer heat press.
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