Multi-function 8-in-1 Heat Press System
Product Description & Application
NovaQuip Transfero HPS is a table top multi-function combo Heat Press System, engineered for high-productivity. NovaQuip Transfero HPS is compatible with a wide range of substrates including soft fabrics & hard substrates like ceramic mugs & plates.
Features & Benefits
Swing away function to protect from accidents / mishaps during operation
Multiple attachments available, making it suitable for soft & hard substrates
Combo economic choice, best suitable for new starters
Digital control panel for ease of settings
Speaker alarm alert for preset time / temperature settings
Simple equipment design to allow change of accessories without any special tools
Product Specification
High grade iron metal
8 Accessories:
Conical Mug Attachments (2 sizes)
Round Multipurpose Mug - Diameter 5-7 cm
Round Mug / Bottle Attachment – Diameter 7.5 - 9 cm
Flat Attachment 280 mm x 380 mm
Cap Attachment 80 mm x 150 mm
Plate Attachment 120 mm Diameter
Plate Attachment 150 mm Diameter
Temperature range
0 - 399°C
Actual Weight
45 kg
Total System Dimensions
520 mm x 480 mm x 510 mm
Timing Range
0 - 999 sec.
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Usage Instructions
Install the Heat Press System on a firm base surface
Switch on the system. Ensure it is connected to a secure electric socket
As per requirement, adjust the temperature & time using their respective keys provided on the panel
Adjust the pressure using the respective screws on the system
Now your system is ready for the desired heat press
A buzzer will ring automatically once the preset temperature & time setting is reached
Always use cotton gloves while handling the substrates on the Heat Press System as they can be very hot
Connect/change the attachments when the system power is in the OFF mode only
Keep safe distance from the hot surface as it could cause severe burn injuries
Switch off the power supply when not in use