NovaSolTM TRANSFERO Coating Resin
Coating resin for blank substrates
Product Description & Application
NovaSol Transfero Coating Resin is a dye-sublimation resin (solution) for coating blank substrates. It is ideally suitable for light coloured, hard substrates like ceramics, MDF wood boards, stones, metal, toughened glass and many more.
Features & Benefits
Creates clear & smooth coated surface for vibrant transfers
Ready to use solution for easy application using brush or spray
Scratch resistant coating for longer life of transferred image
Single solution suitable for both soft & hard substrates
Product Specification
20% w/w
Ink Compatibility
Compatible with most aqueous dye-sub inks
Available Packing
1 litre Cans
Shelf Life
Nine months from date of manufacturing when stored in original packing at 20-25oC and 50-60% RH.
Usage Instructions
Apply the coating solution (concentrated) to the substrate using a brush or a spray
For best results apply 10 mic coating thickness
Cure (heat in baking oven) the coated substrate at 150oC/20 minutes or
180oC/10 minutes
Your substrate is ready for dye-sub transfer
Note: For dark textured surface, it is recommended to use a white cross-linked base finish coating for optimum colour saturation.
Handling & Storage Instructions
Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes
Store unused solution in its original container, away from direct sunlight
Ensure that the coating environment / room is dust free and ventilated
Use safety goggles and hand gloves while handling and using the solution
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