Dye-sublimation inks for printers using piezo heads
Product Description & Application
NovaInk Transfero is a set of aqueous, dye-based, disperse inks for dye-sublimation transfers. These inks can be used with regular Desktop or Large Format inkjet printers using piezo heads, for e.g. Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers. The inks are ideally suitable for dye-sub transfers on polyester fabrics, ceramics or any hard surface pre-coated with a polymeric coating.
Features & Benefits
Deep rich colors for vibrant transfers
Special ink formulation to give excellent black dots that do not produce a brown shade
Strong UV resistance for longer image life
Manufactured with pharmaceutical grade water (no pollutants, bacteria or particle solids) to ensure clog free printer heads and clean prints
Universal inks suitable for polyester fabric, ceramic and metal transfers
Product Specification
Printer Compatibility
Compatible with most inkjet printers having piezo heads
Available Packing
Available in sets of 6 colour inks - C,M,Y,K,LC & LM.
In 200 ml & 1 litre bottles each.
Shelf Life
One year from date of manufacturing
Usage Instructions
Using NovaInk Transfero inks, print your designs on dye-sub paper using Desktop or Large Format inkjet printer
Transfer the designs on the required substrate using a heat press
Ensure that appropriate temperature is applied while using the heat press
Note: Do not mix NovaInk Transfero with any other dye-sub ink(s). Thoroughly clean the Continuous Inking System (CIS) with NovaInk Transfero Cleaning Fluid, before filling NovaInk Transfero inks.
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