NovaCad Tracing Paper

NovaCadTM Tracing Paper
For inkjet & laser printing of CAD drawings
Product Description & Application
NovaCad Tracing Paper is a high-strength translucent cellulose paper. It is ideal for manual & Cad drawings of architectural, engineering and construction drawings.
Features & Benefits
Smooth surface for sharp and fine output.
Excellent transparency for uniform reproduction.
Product Specification
100 % Cellulose paper
90 ~ 95 gsm
One year from the date of manufacture when stored in original packing at 20 - 25oC and 50% RH.
610 mm x 45 mtrs; 610 mm x 100 mtrs; 610 mm x 150 mtrs;
914 mm x 45 mtrs; 914 mm x 100 mtrs; 914 mm x 150 mtrs
2 & 3 inches
Printers Printer Models Ink Cartridge Media Compatibility
HP DesignJet Series DJ 100 HP 10 LC
DJ 350 HP 40
DJ 430 HP 40
DJ 450 HP 40
DJ 600 HP 10 LC
DJ 760 HP 45
DJ 755 C HP 45
DJ 800 mfp HP 10 LC
L.E.D. Plotters Ink Cartridge Media Compatibility
Oce TDS 300
TDS 400
TDS 600
TDS 7050
TDS 9000
TDS 9600
Xerox MX 8830
MX 6030
KIP 200X
2002 HDP
Legend   Superior Compatibility LC  Limited Compatibility
NC  Non Compatibility NA  Not Applicable NT  Not Tested
The media is compatible with technical pens, ceramic pens, rollerball pens and felt tip pens.
Usage Instructions
It is recommended to condition the media in the normal printing environment for 24 hours before printing.
The media is sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. It is advisable to store the media at room temperatures between 18-24oC and air humidity between 45-55%.
Care needs to be taken while handling the printed media that needs to be stored for a long time. Paper-based media is prone to discolouration and flaking, if not stored properly. For better storage life it is advisable to use film based media. Please contact our application specialist for advice.
A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling the bare media to avoid sweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could adversely affect the print quality.
When not in use, the media should be stored in a polythene bag to protect it from moisture and chemical vapours.
There is a limitation on resolution & ink density of uncoated media when printed with inkjet printers. For better results it is suggested to use papers & films specially coated for inkjet and laser printing.