NovaJet Multipurpose Label CDL 02 - 116.5 WM 

NovaJet Multipurpose Label CDL 02 - 116.5 WM
General purpose Matte paper label for Inkjet / Laser printer
Product Description & Application
NovaJet Multipurpose Label CDL 02 is a self-adhesive paper containing 2 CD labels in a sheet which can be printed by Inkjet or laser printer. Its adhesive is suitable for adhesion on CD/DVD's
Music & Video CD Label
Marriage CD label
Photo CD label
Promotional CD labels
Software CD label
Features & Benefits
No toner flaking or ink smudging & hence a sharp image can be obtained
Water based adhesive can withstand high temperature of laser printer
Bright matte finish of the paper ensures crisp text and barcode readability
Label Specifications
Premium, uncoated wood free paper
General Purpose water based
Release Liner
Poly coated paper
Dimension of Label
116.5 (Radius)
Labels per sheet (LPs)
2 labels
Paper size
210 X 297 mm
100 sheets/Pack
1000 sheets/Carton
Product Specification
Product Code Description Sheets x Packets
7128009 NJ CDL 02L - 116.5 WM 100 X 10
Usage & Storage Instructions
This product is not recommended to be used on any solvent based inks
Hold the media by the edges. Fingerprints on the printing side can affect the quality of the image
Store the media in a cool dry place & keep away from direct sunlight
Ensure that blank media is always kept safely in the original packing
Store the media flat, to avoid curling or warping
± 1mm tolerance on label margins
Test the sample on substrates before use for the adhesive compatibility