GATF Awards

GATF 95 InterTech Award
Mr. Pranav Parikh, Chairman, & Mr. Jai Sagar, General Manager Quick Print Systems,
receiving the Award.

TechNova's NovaDom Laser Plate was awarded the GATF 1995 InterTech Technology Award - the highest recognition in the industry for technological innovation.

The Award announcement stated :

"The InterTech judges saw the NovaDom ystem as a technological break- through by allowing the small to medium size printer the ability to use the desktop systems and the laser printers to produce polyester pressready printing plates. The judges contended that NovaDom will have a major impact on the small to medium size printer and Quick Print Industry."

Inaugurated in 1978 to foster awareness and understanding of advanced graphic arts technology, this award honors excellence in innovative technology for the graphic communications industry. The criteria for nomination stipulate that the technology be recently developed and proven in industrial application, but not yet in widespread use. In essence, the award stands as a prediction that the recipient technology will have a major impact on industry production and profitability.

Historically, the awards have indicated significant trends. Of the prior award winners, 80 percent have proven commercially successful in the marketplace. The award-winning technologies tend to reflect the range of trends impacting the industry, such as environment, standards, quality control, statistical process control, automated and computerised control system, and desktop publishing.

Headquarted near Pittsburgh, Pa., GATF is a member-supported, nonprofit, scientific, technical, and educational organisation dedicated to the advancement of graphic communications industries worldwide. For 75 years GATF has developed leading-edge technologies and practices for printing, and each year the Foundation develops new products, services, and training programs to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

In the 17 year history of the InterTech Awards, TechNova is the first winner outside of North America, U.K., Germany and Japan.

The NovaDom plate was conceived of and developed by TechNova’s R&D team. Over 30 million plates have been sold worldwide since its introduction.

NovaDom is the world’s first, and only, two-sided polyester offset plate that can be imaged on a laser printer or a photo-copier and proceed directly to the press without any further processing.