TechNova - Akron Range Press Release

Akron Range of IPA-reducing / eliminating Fountain Solutions
TechNova's Next Gen fountain solutions help printers achieve a perfect balance between Quality and Safety in their pressrooms.

The Akron Range of IPA-reducing / eliminating fountain solutions consists of Fogra approved, ultra-low foaming fountain solutions that are designed for sheet-fed offset presses with alcohol and integrated dampening systems. The range is 100% compatible with all TechNova plates and is perfectly suited for all popular machine configurations and for different waters conditions. Since its introduction, the Akron Range of fountain solutions have been successfully meeting the needs of quality-conscious printers across India.

The Akron Range of fountain solutions comprises of :

AkronGold CF1A : Fogra approved, IPA reducing / eliminating fountain solution, designed to work with 0% to 4% isopropanol, depending on machine configuration and type of jobs.

AkronDiamond : IPA reducing / eliminating fountain solution designed to work with 4% to 6% isopropanol or isopropanol substitute.

AkronGold: This ultra-low foaming fountain solution is designed to work with 6% to 10% isopropanol or isopropanol substitutes.

The Akron Range combines benefits of supreme stability and highest quality output in one single package. It offers controlled wetting with zero-foam, and is compatible with both IPA and IPA substitute products like TechNova’s AlcoZAP. The strong biocidal system of Akron Range also ensures improved productivity and optimal maintenance with extended bath life.

Milind Kale, Manager Business Development - Chemicals, TechNova, says, "The most important benefit is that it reduces the use of chemicals in the pressroom, making the workplace Safer and Greener. Printers can rest assured that by switching over to Akron Range of fountain solutions, they are able to maintain the same levels of quality as earlier without any compromises whatsoever."

Kale also adds that the Akron Range is designed to keep the pressroom workflow smooth and hassle-free. The Akron Range of fountain solutions offer printers a never before ‘Dose & Forget’ convenience due to its exceptional wetting stability & very high levels of plate protection agents, at a low cost-in-use. This allows printers to concentrate on producing high-quality prints, rather than worrying about ink-water balance.

The Akron Range of Fountain Solutions is manufactured in the same state-of-the-art facility as TechNova’s plates are manufactured. Mr. Kale says that as a result of this, the R&D teams of both plates and chemicals work closely and ensure that both are perfectly compatible, and are manufactured to the high-quality standards that customers associate with TechNova. Moreover, he added that, since it is a TechNova product, printers are guaranteed 24x7 technical support and other Value Added Services during and post installation.

To benefit from the power of Akron Range for your press, please contact the TechNova Helpdesk on 1800 22 7474 or eMail TechNova on