TechNova - AniKleen Sol Press Release

AniKleen Sol : The Dual Purpose Cleaner from TechNova
TechNova has recently launched AniKleen Sol, India’s only specialty cleaner for removing aqueous OPV deposits from rollers and blankets with minimal effort.

Clean aqueous coating unit blankets and rollers are vital for an even and consistent lay. However, repeated application of aqueous varnish leave hard deposits on the rollers and blankets by the time the print job is completed. Without any dedicated cleaners, most printers typically use a mixture of IPA and water to scrub the blankets and rollers clean. Not only does this conventional method result in a lot of wasted energy and time, but it also does not clean the blankets and rollers effectively, resulting in inconsistent print jobs.

TechNova has recognized this need and has introduced AniKleen Sol : India’s first and only specialty cleaner for cleaning aqueous OPV deposits from rollers* and blankets. Milind Kale, Manager, Business Development (Chemicals), TechNova, explains, “AniKleen Sol is a powerful and safe solution that works on the principle of chemical action, instead of a mechanical action, to clean water-based OPVs from rollers and blankets.” AniKleen Sol can in fact be used for cleaning most of the machine areas where aqueous varnish comes in contact during printing.

Kale explains that AniKleen Sol, when applied to the affected areas, adequately wets and dissolves the dried OPV deposits making the cleaning process easier and faster. This in turn reduces machine downtime and improves productivity, which would go a long way in bringing a smile on the faces of Indian printers.

He also pointed out that customers can expect the same high-quality of standard from AniKleen Sol, as they have come to associate with all TechNova products. Moreover, customers can also count on 24x7 technical support from TechNova.

Note : *AniKleen Sol cleans aqueous varnish from rollers that use the duct varnish process for coating. When using process colour inks, normal wash is recommended. AniKleen Sol is not a general purpose cleaner for inks from rollers.

To experience the power of AniKleen Sol in your pressroom, call TechNova for a demo on +91 91670 41226. Or you could also contact the HelpDesk on 1 800 22 7474 or send an email on