AutoServe® Instant Shine

AutoServe® Instant Shine
Product Description & Application
AutoServe Instant Shine is an instant shiner fluid for post-detailing bright look exterior finishing of automobiles.
Features & Benefits
Controlled viscosity fluid for easy application using a standard trigger spray bottle
Contains no wax; gentle wiping does the job well without rubbing
Best suited for instant post-detailing bright look finishing
Imparts excellent shine and gloss
Usage Instructions
Wash the vehicle thoroughly to remove all surface dirt using AutoServe Shampoo. Allow the vehicle to air dry or use an automotive-friendly micro-fibre wipe. AutoServe Instant Shine can be sprayed using a suitable spray bottle and finished with a lint free soft cloth. Use overlapping, varied strokes, which will ensure that the edges of any subsurface defects are evenly rounded. Buff the film using clean and dry soft microfiber wipe for excellent shine.
Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling
Keep the containers tightly closed when not in use
Product warranty
12 months from the date of manufacture
1litre & 5litre
Follow H&S guidelines as per MSDS