TechNova - Anikleen Paste Press Release

AniKleen Paste : The Triple Advantage Anilox Roller Cleaner
Yet another productivity enhancing product has been introduced by TechNova. AniKleen Paste, the only Anilox Roller Cleaner manufactured in India that offer printers a triple advantage of high-speed, efficient cleaning, and lowest cost-in-use.

Anilox Rollers are an important component of the press, the cleanliness of which directly impacts print quality and consistency. Inspite of this, most printers find it difficult to maintain the right level of cleanliness of Anilox Rollers primarily due to the unavailability of efficient and cost-effective cleaners. In the long run, improper cleaning and maintenance of Anilox Rollers leads to accumulation of dried OPV deposits in its cells, which adversely impacts the print consistency and quality.

TechNova's AniKleen Paste is the perfect solution to help clean Anilox Rollers. Not only does it effectively cleans the cells at speeds which are significantly and measurably faster than the currently available alternatives, it is priced at almost half that of imported cleaners. The extraordinary cleaning efficiency allows printers to use AniKleen Paste on or off the machine, thereby greatly reducing the downtime of their presses and increasing the productivity of their operations.

Yet another USP of AniKleen Paste is that it is a universal cleaner. It works with all types of Anilox rollers i.e. stainless steel, chrome plated and ceramic. It is recommended that a brass brush be used for cleaning chrome plated rollers, stainless steel brush for ceramic rollers and hair or nylon brush is recommended for stainless steel Anilox Rollers to experience the cleaning power of AniKleen Paste.

Since its introduction, AniKleen Paste has successfully met the needs of quality and cost conscious printers all across India. Every customer who has experienced AniKleen Paste has become a regular user.

Richard Pinto, Business Development Manager - Chemicals, TechNova states, "AniKleen Paste offers printers an unprecedented triple advantage, with its fast-action and superior cleaning at a very reasonable cost. We believe this will enable printers to focus on producing high-quality prints, rather than worrying about Anilox Roller maintenance and cleaning." Richard also stated that, printers can expect the same standards of high-quality AniKleen Paste that they have come to associate with all the otherTechNova products. He also added as with other TechNova products customers are guaranteed 24x7 technical support.

To experience the power of AniKleen Paste in your pressroom, call TechNova for a demo on +91 91670 41226. Or you could also contact the HelpDesk on 1 800 22 7474 or send an email on