AutoServe® Coolant

AutoServe® Coolant
Product Description & Application
AutoServe Coolant is a speciality coolant/antifreeze concentrate for car radiators.
Features & Benefits
Improved engine corrosion protection; resists rust formation while protecting alloy heads and engines
Protection against cavitation in water pumps and hot spots in aluminium cylinder heads
Excellent hot and cold weather protection; prevent the risk of the engine coolant boiling or freezing leading to coolant loss and possible engine damage
Non-flammable solvent; VOC compliant
Usage Instructions
One part of AutoServe Coolant is recommended for 1:1 dilution with demineralised water. Do not add water to the cooling system when refilling; use pre-mixed solution of AutoServe Coolant. Start and run engine for 5 minutes to circulate the fluid. Check for leaks and top-up system if required. For maximum system protection, replace coolant at least every three years or 60,000 km.
Storage, Handling & Packaging
Storage & Handling
Protect from direct sunlight. Store at moderate temperatures in a dry, well-ventilated area. Keep the containers tightly closed
Product warranty
12 months from the date of manufacture
1, 5 & 10 litres
Follow Health & Safety guidelines as per MSDS