PoliJet Baking Oven CP

The press run-length of PoliJet plates is significantly increased by baking the plates with this compact baking oven. The PoliJet Baking Oven CP offers even and rapid baking of the PoliJet plates. The baking oven is easy to operate and maintain. Speed and temperature are adjustable to meet the desired needs, but, it comes with a factory pre-set of speed and temperature which gives optimum performance for PoliJet plates.

The optimally balanced heater infrared lams and advanced temperature control ensures a superior overally heat uniformity.

Other key features and benefits of this baking oven:

Optimal working condition

The Baking Oven is fitted with extraction heat fan, which removes any excess heat generated inside and ensures an optimal environment around the device


The Baking process is totally dry and involves only circulation of warm air, which means there is no emission of fumes.

Gentle cooling

The long delivery tray ensures gentle cooling of the plates post-baking operation.

Easy and convenient collection

The attached collection tray enables accumulation of multiple PoliJet plates and convenient collection from the front of the Baking Oven.

Simple Operation

The PoliJet Baking Oven HD comes with factory pre-set Baking condition, like temperature and speed; which is optimized for proper baking of PoliJet Plates. Thereby, the device works in plug & play mode.