TechNova @ Pamex 2013: TechNova showcases Chem-free Violet Plate, Chemicals and Non-tear Media

TechNova @ Pamex 2013
TechNova showcases Chem-free Violet Plate, Chemicals and Non-tear Media
Revolutionary VioGreen Violet Chem-free Plate & CtP Solutions:

Pamex 2013 VioGreen, India’s first and only chem-free Violet CtP Plate was a major attraction at Pamex as well. VioGreen is a giant leap towards Green printing for any printer as it offers the following benefits :
  • Totally eliminates use of water & developer for processing the plate
  • A printer only needs to image and gum the plate, and it’s ready to go to press!
  • Prints 1% - 99% dots at 200 lpi AM & 340 lpi Hybrid screen rulings
Also on display was the FFEI FA8 system, and the G&J Raptor Chem-free Washout Unit.


Pamex 2013 TechNova is committed to providing Total Solutions for printers in India and the world over. Its commitment to offering printers low environmental impact products was clearly seen in its chemical products displayed at Pamex. TechNova displayed its comprehensive range of Chemical products for all segments, that compete directly with offerings from international vendors. Some notable products included:

  • AniKleen Range – Deep cleansing maintenance treatment paste and solution for anilox rollers used for UV and water-based inks / varnishes. Compatible with ceramic and steel anilox rollers
  • PileHi : Starch based Anti Set-Off powder, micro encapsulated with a slip agent to allow trouble free usage in tough conditions of extremely high humidity and temperatures
  • Over printing varnishes (Aqueous / UV)

TechNova’s non-tear media, NovaJet LMO displayed at TechNova Stall

Pamex 2013 NovaJet LMO (Laser Matte Opaque) Film was one of the popular attractions at the Digital Print Media corner at the TechNova stall. The non-tear polyester film is an HP Indigo and Konica Minolta certified substrate and is ideal for printing high quality wedding albums, photo books, visiting cards, indoor signage, invitation cards and other digital print applications. It is suitable for both, liquid ink and dry toner systems, and is capable of delivering outstanding photographic quality images that rival silver halides, post thermal lamination, when used on a production digital press.

NovaJet LMO has a PET film base that offers non-tear resistance and thermal stability for long term durability. The media also offers outstanding toner & ink adhesion for sharp and high definition images. NovaJet LMO was designed in-house by TechNova’s R&D team, and was fine-tuned based on feedback from customers and print hardware manufacturers. As a result, compared to an album made of silver halide photos, an album made using NovaJet LMO is almost 50% lighter, and can have many more pages than a traditional album.

The innovative features of NovaJet LMO include :
  • PET Film base provides tear resistance, thermal stability for long term durability.
  • Outstanding toner & ink adhesion for sharp and high definition images.
  • Thermally stable PET film base allows for thermal lamination
  • PET Film substrate provides superior water resistance
  • Good antistatic properties for dust-free outputs and trouble free printing.
  • Writable surface allows you to add comments, signature and it can be stamped as well for application of certificates.
  • High Opacity allows printing on both sides.