PosiJet makes a mark in Packaging segment

PosiJet makes a mark in Packaging segment
As lith film is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to source, packaging printers are turning to an unconventional source to meet their requirements : TechNova’s PosiJet Computer-to-Film (CtF) solution.

Posijet Box and Roll PosiJet is a high-density polyester inkjet film for CtF imaging and is traditionally used for making one-piece positives using inkjet imaging devices. It is very popular among the newspaper industry and is used in national, regional and even district level newspapers throughout India.

However, in the recent past, PosiJet has been making a niche for itself among screen as well as packaging printers. Customers in the rigid packaging segment, many printers are using PosiJet for printing Keylines and proofing pharmaceutical inserts. Parag Pimple, Sales Manager, Packaging Solutions, TechNova states "PosiJet has become very popular with all printers who are dependent on expensive lith films, and cannot make the transition to full-scale thermal or violet CtP pre-press as yet," adds Pimple.


PosiJet is available in three different variants: InstaDry (ID), QuickDry (QD) and High definition (HD). While HD and QD are recommended for newspaper and screen printing applications, PosiJet ID is the ideal choice for printing keyline diagrams in rigid packaging, as it is highly transparent. These films are available in roll form, in widths of 17", 24", 36" & 44"). The surface of the film is microporus matte grained to ensure efficient vacuum performance and excellent image transfer.
Speaking about the speed of processing, Pimple said, "A full page (18"x23") keyline positive can be processed in approx. 5 minutes. The specialized film coating helps to encapsulate the ink, which results in instant drying."

Thus, PosiJet is a completely dry computer-to-film solution, that eliminates the use of cameras, darkroom, imagesetter, processor or chemistry, and requires very minimal investment as compared to expensive lith films.

PosiJet film can be stored under normal air-conditioned environment, away from excessive heat and humidity. The shelf life of the film is about one year.

Packaging Applications

One of the critical steps in packaging print production is the process of ensuring that all images and text to be printed, fall within the keylines of the packaging. For a long time, printers had to outsource this task to image processing houses. The processing houses in turn would print the keyline design of the pack on Graphic Art lith films, which have become exceedingly difficult to source and are available at exorbitant rates. As a cheaper alternative, printers even used butter paper or tracing paper, but this can cause distortion of the image, leading to inaccurate results.

With the introduction of PosiJet, packaging printers can print the keyline design on PosiJet, on compatible inkjet proofing devices, and verify the accuracy of keylines specs in-house. Since PosiJet is available off-the-shelf and is highly economical as compared to graphic art lith films, packaging printers have now full control of the keyline verification process, and are no longer dependant on outside agencies.

Moreover, PosiJet is also used for proofing of pharmaceutical inserts, especially medical literature.

Some of the printers who have successfully adapted the PosiJet film in their keyline making workflows include : Borkar Packaging, Temple Packaging, TCPL Packaging, Hi-Tech Printing Services and Shiv Offset, among others.

Customer testimonial: Hi-Tech Printing Services

Hi-Tech Printing Services, Mumbai, specialises in pharmaceutical inserts, and has been using PosiJet film for past one and half years for proofing the pharmaceutical inserts in foreign languages.

Hi-tech produces pharma inserts for export jobs and they were facing a serious issue with proofing the foreign language text and identifying any mistakes in the print.

Shrikant Thakurdas, Marketing Manager at Hi-Tech, explains, "We first tried to handle this problem by superimposing positives over the prints and matching the two. However, it becomes difficult to detect the errors when we compared black on black."

To resolve this issue, Hi-tech turned to PosiJet. Thakurdas adds, "To simplify this job, we now take prints on PosiJet using Epson inkjet device with magenta colour ink and then superimpose this printed PosiJet film on the proofs. In this case it becomes easier to differentiate between clear magenta and black."

Green Product

Another benefit of PosiJet is that unlike lith films that increase the carbon footprint of the printing process, due to the use of silver halide and other chemicals such as developing solutions, PosiJet is a comparatively Green product, as it eliminates the use of chemicals. According to Pimple, PosiJet is the perfect choice for packaging print firms, especially the ones who cater to food and pharma industry, where there is an increasing demand to reduce the carbon footprint. With PosiJet, they can significantly do so by eliminating the chemistry required for lith films."

PosiJet Specifications

Base : Dimensionally stable clear polyester film
Thickness : 100 microns
Surface : Microporus matte grained
Size : Available in all standard sizes

For more details about TechNova’s PosiJet film, please contact our HelpDesk on 1 800 22 7474 or on help@technovaindia.com